McAdam of England

Most McAdams stayed in Scotland for their first 100 years, but some migrated south into England. A few went to London.

London, England

William MackAdam (abt. 1612) married Rachel Slymesditch on 5 March 1637 at St. Dunstan, Stepney. Sons,
Miles, c. 20 Oct. 1642 and John, c. 25 Nov. 1647. His brother, John (abt, 1620) married Katherine Peddin on 8 Aug.
1645 at St. Dunstan, Stepney.

Some time goes by before we find James Adam MacAdam and wife, Faith's children, Mary, c. 1 Jan. 1766, Elizabeth,
c. 3 Feb. 1771, Sarah, c. 18 April 1773, and James Finley, c. Aug. 1777 at Stepney, Whitechapple at St. Mary's.

Daniel MackAdam (abt, 1667) married Elizabeth Sidit on 25 July 1692 at Greyfriars Newgate, London,
at Christ Church.

William MacAdam (abt. 1674) married Elizabeth Veron on 14 Sept. 1699 at Cripplegate, London, St. Giles.
John MackAdam (abt. 1675) married Elizabeth Benridge on 7 Dec. 1699 in London at St. Kathrine by the

It appears their children, Minstrel married William Easby on 22 Sept. 1734 and Daniel married Margaret
Morris, 5 Sept. 1747.


James (abt. 1673) and Mary MackAdam son, John was c. 10 Dec. 1710 in Westminster at St. Martin in the Fields.
Other children were: William, c. 13 March 1714, Samuel c. 24 July 1721, Thomas, c. 7 Feb. 1730, and Mary,
c. Aug. 1732.

William, son of James and Mary, married Ann and their children were Mary, c 10 Aug. 1771, William,
c. 7 Nov. 1773, Thomas, c. 2 Jan. 1776 who married Mary Willoaighly on 10 Oct. 1798, and Ann,
c. 22 Jan. 1782.

Also at Westminster at St. Martin and probably family members were: Mary MackAdam married Charles
Jefferson, 10 Sept. 1738. James and Elizabeth MacAdam's son, Thomas, c. 5 Jan. 1774.

Matthew and Elizabeth MacAdam's sons, Walter, c. 18 Feb. 1798 and Thomas, c. 10 Aug. 1800. William
and Lillies MackAdam children: William, c. 17 June 1799 in Holorn, St. Andrews, back in St. Martin was,
Charles, c. 7 Dec. 1802 and Ann, c. 24 Dec. 1812.

French MacAdam in Westminister at Savove de Spring Gardens and des Grecs French Hugueno we find Jean
and Marie MacAdam. Their children: Jaques, c. 1748, Marie Madelene, c. 16 Aug. 1749, and
Jean Pierre, c. 14 July 1751.

Mary MacAdam married Charles Rea, 17 May 1752 in Westminister, in Staint George, Church at Mayfair.
George and Mary MacAdam daughter, Elizabeth, c. 6 Aug. 1731 in London at Saint Peter's Church in Cornhill.

Thomas MackAdem (abt. 1699) married Margaret Johnston, 25 Aug. 1725 and Richard McAdam
(abt 1710) married Susannah Turner, 18 March 1733 in London, St. Bride at Fleet Street.

Peter MacAdams married Mary McAdams, 11 Sept. 1737 in Hackney at St. John, Peter and
Beleaver MackAdam, son, John, c. 30 Aug. 1730, Southwarde, St. Olave.
Thomas and Ester McAdam, son William c. 25 July 1750, St. Luke Old Street, Finsbury. At St.
Lenonards, Shoreditch

John McAdams married Mary Souch, 13 Jan. 1777. Ann, d/o William and Ann MackAdam c. 9 June 1771.
Thomas Hanchett McAdams married Elizabeth Morgan, 19 April 1782.


Johannis MackAddam (1654) was the first to appear in Yorkshire County records when his daughter, Sarah
was c. 21 June 1685 in Spofforth. His daughter, Dorothy, c. 21 Jan. 1694 and married George Woodhouse,
9 May 1715 in Stainley.

In Burton, Lenards Johannis MackAdam (abt. 1661) children listed were Elizabeth, c. Jan. 1695, Mary,
c.1696, and Ellen, c. 25 Feb. 1699.
John MackAdam (1675) married Clare Clough, 2 June 1696 in Cowthorpe and then disappears.

A family from the line of John (cb. 1590) and Jonet Muir Mack Adam who married abt. 1620 in Glasgow
appears in Knapesborough. Patrick, (c. 1635) their son married Isobell Miller. Mathew, their son c. 13 June
1659 in High Church in Glasgow appears in Knapesborough in 1702 when his daughters, Ann c. 26 Sept.
and Elizabeth, c. 22 April 1704 and his son Matthew was c. 18 Oct. 1707.

Mary MacAdams married John Hulton 26 Aug. 1750.

It may be this family had ties to New York City as Matthew appears in the New York Court records as the
nearest of kin to George McDermoth in 1789. Matthew and Elizabeth MacAdam appear in the records of
St. Martin in the Fields in London with their sons, Walter, c. 18 Feb. 1798 and Thomas c. 10 Aug. 1800.

Also, in Knapesborough was Emanuel MackAdams (abt 1699) who married Margaret Holden, 10 Nov.1725.
Their known children were: Anne, c. 27 Jan. 1725, Mary, c. 25 Oct. 1726, John, c. 9 June 1732, and Ruth c.
3 Nov. 1735.

Anne MackAdam married John Brown, 17 Nov. 1735
Ruth MackAdam married Thomas Brown, 5 Dec. 1759

In Hanogate, Ann MackAdam, (abt. 1685) a relative to Fanny T. Mitchell married John Wilks, 24
April 1704.
Mary MackAdam married Edward Darby, 10, Aug. 1729 in Copgrove, LANCASHIRE


Alexander MackAdam (abt. 1681) married Margaret Upton, 12 May 1716 at Manchester Cathedral. Elizabeth
MackAdam married John Hynd, 15 Nov. 1748.

No other records until William, s/o of David and Elizabeth McAdam was c. 7 Nov. 1784 and daughter, Jane,
c. 28 Jan. 1787.
Thomas McAdam married Hannah Breese 9 May 1819, William c. 1 April 1821 at St Mary


Clerk Kilbey MacAdam and his wife Francis. Their son Clerk Kilbey was b. 25 Jan. 1799.
Clerk Kilbey MacAdams was probably born in New York City and was the son of Clarke and Joanne

Rachael Nicoll, grandson of Gilbert and Sarah Cunningham MacAdam, 2 'd son of James and Margaret Reid
of the main line of the Waterhead family. Clerk Kilbey or Kilby appears in documents in New York dated
22 April 1796 as grantee to George and Sarah Piggot. Clerk's wife, Joanne, was heir to 1/3 of Blue Point in
Islip. The family had supported the Crown during the Revolutionary War and returned to Scotland after 1783.


Most McAdam were members of the St. Nicholas or St. Johns Old Haymarket Church

Ellen McAdam married Robert Hannah 25 May 1790
Francis Mcadam was born 10 May 1799 probably in Liver pool, he died 24 Dec. 1878
Children were: Kate Maurice, Edward, Joseph, Frank, Hugh, John, and James all born between 1827 - 1847
by 1830 the moved to Glenties, Co. Donagal, Ireland. Some of the family went to Argentina.

Robert McAdam, wife Mary, son Joseph born 19 Nov. 1797, son Robert b. 7 July 1799 also son Robert
c. 89 Feb1801 at St Peter.
Francis Stewart McAdam married Mary Brown 15 Sept 1823, sons, James and Francis
Francis married Margaret Hannah 14 Nov 1873
Michael McAdam married Margaret Miller 7 Dec. 1834

Walter McAdam wife Margaret sons, William c. 20 Nov. 1838 married maybe Janet Tollitt 4 Mary 1873,
son William c. 12 Jan 1874. Walter c. 9 Dec. 1835, Walter married Emma Wall 22 Aug 1858, son Walter
Cameron c. 12 Oct. 1862

David Partington McAdam married Janet McLellan, sons, James c. 30 July 1839, David c. 29 Aug 1841
My late father, John McAdam Bell, left me notes regarding some familygenealogy. He wrote David Partington McAdam
(b. 1818 Edinburgh, Scotland) next, Samuel McAdam (b. 1841 Scotland) married Elizabeth Hughes(l846). Then the name
of his mother, Jessie Janet McAdam, (l870)married James Bell of Limerick, Ireland (1866). I recall he told me that one of
the McAdams either Elizabeth or Jessie had been the ward ofSir Edward Whitley. My grandfather, James Bell, was in the
wholesalefruit business at the docks in Liverpool and lived in Garston and laterHalewood near Liverpool.
Bruce McAdam Bell

John McAdam married Catherine Asdall 9 June 1845
Samuel McAdam wife Margaret, son Samuel c. 14 Feb. 1848
William McAdam and Maragret Ann, da c. 8 Feb 1869, Rachel.

John McAdams of Liverpool is mentioned in the Buckley family papers as have insurance on goods bound
for Charleston, South Carolina in 1817.

In 1846 and 47 about 15 young McAdams in their 20 and 30 's left Liverpool bound for New York. No
McAdam found born or living in Liverpool is on the immigration list so it may be assumed these immigrants
came to Liverpool from Ireland.

Northumberland County

(Notice: not all records of this area are posted here. Most of the family here came from Glasmuir, East Lothian - see marriage and birth records of Scotland.)

Jon MackAddam (1644) married Katharine Phorbus on 11 May 1669 in Tynemouth, Northumberland County. No other records appear until the mid-1700. - See Glasmuir, East Lothian, Scotland.

Baptism Record 1856-1924 Film #1469108
Parents: Robert & Catherine McAdam
Father's Occupation: Mason

  1. 1 Robert, Son, Born 12/12/1863, Baptism 04/10/1864, Film Item #1, Page

132, Entry #1056

  1. 2 George, Son, Born 01/22/1866, Baptism 04/22/1866, Film Item #1, Page

165, Entry #1314

  1. 3 Elizabeth, Daughter, Born June 22, 1868, Baptism 07/12/1868, Film

Item #1, Page 204, Entry #1628

  1. 4 Andrew, Son-Twin, Born 11/28/1869, Baptism 12/01/1869, Film Item #1,

Page 230, Entry #1839

  1. 5 Ellen, Daughter-Twin, Born 11/28/1869, Baptism 12/01/1869, Film Item
  2. 1, Page 230, Entry #1840

Parents: John & Isabella McAdam
Father's Occupation: Mason

  1. 1 Alexander Mark, Son, Born 12/20/1879, Baptism 02/01/1880, Film Item
  2. 2, Page 84, Entry #669

Parents: John & Elizabeth McAdam
Father's Occupation: Plumber

  1. 1 Jessie,?, Born 11/24/1890, Baptism 12/25/1890, Film Item #2, Page

247, Entry #1976

  1. 2 Isabella, Daughter, Born 10/06/1892, Baptism 12/04/1892, Film Item
  2. 2, Page 277, Entry #2209

  1. 3 Elizabeth, Daughter, Born 05/16/1895, Baptism 06/24/1895, Film Item
  2. 3, Page 18, Entry #144
  3. 4 Robert, Son, Born 05/14/1899, Baptism 07/02/1899, Film Item #3, Page

73, Entry 579

Marriage Records Film #1469108

John McAdam, Bachelor, married Elizabeth Brough, Spinster, on
12/11/1781, Film Item #5, Page 7, Entry #59

Daniel Stewart, Bachelor, Age 30, Occupation Seaman, Father James
Stewart, Father's Occupation Sargent Major N.A.M., married Susan
Stafford, Widow, Age 33, Father Robert McAdam, Father's Occupation
Joiner, on 02/09/1880, Witness George McAdam and Ellen McAdam, Film Item

  1. 2, Page 93, Entry #186

Burial Record Film #1469109

Robert McAdam, Burial Date 04/15/1849, Age at Death 9 months, no listing
of parents names, Film Item #5, Page 212, Entry #1696

Newcastle Upon Tyne - Groat Market Meeting NC

Christopher McAdam, c. 26 Nov. 1707, son of William and Elspeth Thompson of East Lothian,
Glasmuir, his daughters, Elizabeth 26 Jan. 1735 and Agness 29 Jan. 1738 were christened.

William McAdam, probably the son of Christopher, and Jane Davison were married 27 April 1738 at the same
church. Their children, Patrick and Margaret, c 15 June 1744, and Mary c. 7 Jan. 1746 were christened at Castle
Garth Presbyterian NC.

Margaret McAdam married John Harkness on 31 Jan. 1764 at All Saints Church.
John McAdam married Elizabeth Brough on 11 Dec. 1781 in Berwich Upon Tweed.
Robert McAdam married Eleanor Patrick on 3 Nov. 1811 in Tweedmouth but lived in Spittel after 1820.
Their children: Ann, c. 17 April 1812, Jane, c. 1814, Eleanor, ca. 1820, Robert, c. 1823, and Patrick, c. 1827.

Ann McAdam married Thomas Buchan in Spittal in either 1828 or 1833.
Robert McAdam married Mary Lupton, 9 June 1823 in Hexhan, James and Mary McCadam son,
John Ramsay, c. 16 June 1825 at St. Nicholes Parish Rec., Newcastle.

William McAdam married Margaret McAdams on 16 June 1846.

Cumberland County

Eleanor McAdam of Waterhead born abt. 1555, a relative to Thomas Young. This record is recorded in Cumberland Co., England. She was a daughter of Andrew MacAdam and married Mr. Cuningham of Caprington, Ayrshire. Her brother, Quintin inherited the Waterhead property.

Brigham, Crockermouth and Carlisle

Elizabeth McAdam married John Hodgson 22 May 1792 in Stanwix, probably a sister of Alexander.
Alexander McAdam married Mary Little (baptised 18 July 1765, Brigham), 18 December 1790, Brigham.
Their children:
1.....John McAdam (baptised 28 June 1791, Brigham, England
2.....Robert McAdam (born 1793, Cockermouth. Married Elizabeth Hodgson 5
Jan 1818 at All Saints Church. Died 13 December 1877)
3......Elizabeth McAdam (baptised 30 April 1799, Brigham)
4......Rebecca McAdam (born 1801, Greysouthern. Married James Bowes)
5.....Benjamin McAdam (born 1803, Hensingham profession, a Carpet Weaver
died 18 March 1885 Cockermouth) 1st marriage 8 May 1824, Brigham
to Isabella Bigrigg (born 27 January 1805, Cockermouth and buried 28
January 1828, Cockermouth) Children:
a.......John McAdam (baptised 28th November 1824, Cockermouth, buried 3rd
March 1825, Cockermouth)
b...... Mary McAdam (born circa 1825 )
c...... John McAdam (baptised 30th July 1826,Cockermouth , Died 1st August
1878) married Eleanor, da. Isabella c. 2 July 1848.
2nd Marriage 5 May 1829 Cockermouth - All Saints to Jane Hutchinson (born 1802, Ireland
buried 27th April 1876, Cockermouth) Children:
d.... Benjamin McAdam (born 1829 died 23rd September 1838, Cockermouth)
e.... Margaret McAdam (born 1830)
f.... Alexander McAdam (born 1832, Caldergate Carlisle a Carpet Weaver died 1 Dec. 1912
Cockermouth) married 10 September 1860, Brigham to Catherine Lawless
(born 31 January 1846, Liverpool died 4th November 1904, Cockermouth) Children:
i......Sarah McAdam (born 4th October 1860 Cockermouth Buried April 1926
Leeds, West Yorkshire) Married 24th October 1881 Camerton, Cumberland
to Luke Jenkinson ( born 23rd December 1855 Caton Sarah and Luke had
8 children their second was Mary Ann.
ii.....Jane McAdam (baptised 1st February 1863 Cockermouth)
iii....Mary-Ellen McAdam (baptised 29th May 1865 Cockermouth married
Thomas Sanderson 14th July 1889)
iv....Benjamin Little McAdam (born 6 March 1866 Cockermouth)
v......Thomas McAdam (born 9 June 1867 or 69 Cockermouth Died 14 February
1957 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada married Betsy Reay )
vi.....Robert McAdam (born 8 July 1872 Cockermouth)
vii....Joseph McAdam (born 29 July 1874 Cockermouth died 18th February 1961
married Mary Ann Newton 20th January 1902 Workington) - da.
viii..Eleanor b. 18 March 1905.
ix.....Margaret McAdam (born 22 Oct. 1878 Cockermouth married Simon
McCarthy 10th August 1901)

g.... Robert McAdam ( born 1834, Caldergate Carlisle married Isabella Scott 16
April 1854 ) da, Mary c 26 Aug 1855
h.....Jane McAdam ( born 1837 Caldergate Carlisle married John Clare 28 May
1860 Cockermouth)
i.....Elizabeth McAdam ( baptised 9 April 1841 Cockermouth )

6.....Mary McAdam (baptised 11th October 1806, Cockermouth married Joseph
Telford ) son, George c 17 Feb. 1834.
7.....Thomas McAdam ( baptised 13th August 1809, Cockermouth, All Saints,
married Isabella Brown 11 Nov. 1832) - son, Joseph c 20 Feb. 1853 - All
Saints, son, William c 21 Nov 1845, da.. Sarah c. 14 Feb. 1847
8......Sarah McAdam ( baptised 8 March 1812, Cockermouth, All Saints)

Other Family Members

John McAdam married Eleanor, d. Eleanor c. 16 June 1850 All Saints Church, Cockermouth.
Joseph McAdam married Mary Ann Newton, son, Thomas Newton b. 26 Nov. 1907.
From: "Carl Walsh"

Saint Mary in Carlisle

John McAdam, son of Robert McAdams (abt 1722) was christened 13 May 1750. John married Mary
McIntosh on 27 May 1773.
Alice McAdam married Patrick Murray on 24 Nov. 1777. Robert McAdam married Rebecca Todd
on 20 Oct. 178l.
John McAdam married Agnes Merry on 9 Nov. 1784.
Ann McAdam married Peter Killar on 24 Dec. 1792.

James McCaddam married Cybella Spooner, 25 Jan. 1802, their daughter Elizabeth was c. 27 Feb. 1803
at St. Cuthbert in Carslile..

James McCaddam married Mary Pattenson, 25 May 1816. Robert and Jane McAdam's sons, John,
c. 16 March 1816 and Robert, c. 30 June 1822.

Thomas McAdams married Jane Crosier, 19 Aug. 1815. their children: Joseph, c. 22 Sept. 1816 married
Mary Ann Kandal, 7 Sept. 1835, and Robert, b. 16 May 1818, c. 25 Dec. 1818 married Jane Mark,
29 Feb. 1838, children: Thomas, b. 1839 England, John, b. 1840, N.J. and Jane, Robert, William, Joseph,
and a daughter.
(Robert and Jane McAdams are Janita Kelly of Austin, Texas ancestor who arrived in New Jersey
1 May 1840. They moved to Phoenixville, Chester Co., Penn in Oct. 1846. The original settlement of
Chester County, Penn. was made mostly by people from Carlilse, England and Co.Armagh, Ireland
who many were Quakers.)

Holy Trinity in Whitehaven

Robert McAdam (abt. 1724) married Mary Fearon, 16 Nov. 1755, Their children:
William, c. 11 Nov. 1756, Robert, c. 23 Oct. 1761, Mally, c. 13 March 1763, and Betty, c. 28 July 1765,
James Street Scotch Presbyertian (This group appears to be part of the Holy Trinity family group.)

Dalzell and Jane (Lahley) McAdam, son Robert , c. 19 May 1768. Dalzell or Relzell McAdam and Jane
Lahley married in Belfast, Ireland on 14 June 1763 at St. Anne's Church. Dalzell appears to be from the
Lanark, Scotland area.

Mary McAdam married Henry Palmer on 32 July 1781.

Robert McAdam to Jane Pollack married 19 May 1785. Their marriage records show in both Holy Trinity
and James Street Scotch Presbyterian records. Robert (son of Robert and Jane Fearon McAdam) and wife,
Jane's Children: Andrew, c. 15 June 1786, John, c. 16 April 1787, Jane, c. 1 Nov. 1788, and Elizabeth,
c. 10 June 1790.

St Nicholas in Whitehaven

John and Elizabeth McAdam son, Thomas Burton c. 29 Oct. 1782. James McAdam marrled Jane Banton
28 July 1784 William McAdam married Ann Hodgson on 1 Jan. 1785.
Children: c. 21 Jan. 2786, Elizabeth, c. 21 Dec. 1787, William and Mary Ann, c. 25 April 1792, Isaac,
c. 14 Oct. 1794, and Henry, c. 11 May 1800.

Crosby Upon Eden

John MackAdam married Elizabeth Blacklock, 20 Aug. 1747. A daughter, Ann, c. 17 April 1748.
Ann, d/o of John MacAdam c. 1752 in Stanwix.

Elizabeth McAdam married John Hodgson there on 22 May 1792.
They were brother and sister to William and Ann in St. Nicholas.
Anne McCaddam married Alex McCloud on 5 Nov. 1764 in St. Bees.
Elizabeth McAdam married Daniel Manson, 19 Nov. 1789


James, s/o Mary McAdams c. 8 Sept. 1793 at Bridekirk. At St. Andrews in Perith,

Thomas and Mary Noble McAdams sons, John Noble, c. 19 Dec. 1803 and William, c. 21 Feb. 1805.

Alexander McAdam married Mary Little on 18 Dec. 1790 in Brigham.
Their children: John, c. 28 June 1791, Elizabeth c. 30 April 1799. The family then moved to Crokermouth.
Mary, c. 11 Oct. 1806.

Robert married Elizabeth Hodgson in Cockermouth 5 Jan. 1818.

Robert and Mary McAdam's children Jane Heron Maitland, c. 18 Sept. 1799 and Hugh William, c. 18 Sept. 1799


James Clerk Kilby and Nancy Nicoll MacAdam's son, James, c. 6 Jan. 1789 at Maryport. This is the same main
line MacAdams family found in Lancashire County, England in 1799 at Lowich.

Kent County

William MackCadam (abt.1658) married Alice Cirby (Kirby) 16 April 1682, their children,
Elizabeth, c. 18 Feb. 1682, John, 12 April 1684, Obediance, 14 Feb. 1685, William (Will), c. 4 March 1687,
married Rachael, children, Richard, c. 27 March 1707, William, c. 11 May 17l2, da., c. 24 Nov. 1717: -
and Thomas, c. 18 June 1690. This family lived in Stoke.

James McAdam married Ann Hanchitt at St. Luke Church on 5 July 1736.

It appears the McAdams left the area by 1740.