The marriage and birth database search feature has not yet been set up on the new hosting account.


In Feb 2020 we relocated this site to a new hosting plan (same provider) and took the opportunity to tidy up some of the functionality and upgrade to the current version of the tikiwiki software that runs the site.

We changed things so that only registered users can message the admin. This is because we were getting so many spam emails. The registration procedure seems to be working pretty flawlessly but if we notice that anyone has had problems we will endeavor to contact them and resolve things.

A couple of features are only available to registered members namely the membeship list of the old society and the scotland marriage and birth database search feature. The full marriage and birth listing is however available to anonymous users.

In general the admin is unable to help you with your individual research projects.
If you register and post a query to the forum then other registered users may be able to help you.

Please do not message the admin unless its about the functionality of the site etc or is about
Waterhead McAdam's in particular or about McAdam's in New Zealand.

We have received a number of messages over the last couple of years that we have not been able to respond to. We will post these to the forum as we get a chance.