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All legal documents before about 1740 in Scotland were written in Latin. Several attempts to have the McAdam documents from the Scottish Archives in Latin translated into English. Not all documents have been translated accurately. The following is the translated ones along with a "Best Effort" to abstract as much information as possible from the documents copied from the Scottish Archives .

The information below has been used as information to compare with other data sources we do have. The rough translation gives us a better idea of which documents might have the most valuable information. Translations are slow and expensive, but we are working to obtain accurate translations.

The early documents in Scotland in Latin with Mac in the name is a notation of either Mc or M+ and follows the same general format as the later documents written in English. The use of Mac in Scotland and Mc in Ireland, and use of McCaddam or other variations appears to have come from the writing style of an area. The later forms seems to have been transported to Ireland. Also, the spelling variations appear seem the be the most likely families that migrated to Ireland as they seem to have disapeared from Scottlish records. Some of the old spelling forms of McCadam and Caddam is still used today. One such use is found in the familyl of Hugh McCaddam (McAdams) of Orange Co. North Carolina.


The MackAdam family, though never officially a "Clan" operated pretty much like one by clan law when it came property rights and privileges to the "Cadet" branch of the family. Cadets lived on the land as tenants, but were expected to acquire their own property or profession. By the time of Kind James VI the M'Adam family owned considerable property, estimated to have been about 25 to 30 square miles or about 77 thousands acres of land in South West Scotland. This was equal to size or larger that the nearby "Clans "of Fergusson, MacLellan, Dunpar, and the powerful Clans of Gorden and Crawford. Officially the "Clan" system by this time was a thing of the past.

The dates found in the Scottish documents does not exactly give the life-time of the person mentioned as some recording dates appear to have taken some 20 to 40 years to execute and record. In the case of Quintin MccAdam, it was about 100 years before final settlement of his estate was officially registered. These records generally state that the instruction of the person named has been fully executed. Some refer that instructions of heirs were written in Parish records. Some of the Scottish records here are bonds which had nothing to do with property settlement, but does reveal the name of people who they had business dealings.

Not all of the early documents from the Scottish Archives were about the main line McAdam family. The persons mentioned were "Cadets" of the family of the first through third generation, as one documents mentions. Scottish tradition gave females members of the family property rights as will be noted in these documents. It also appears the female members married into families that also had property.

The power and influence of the MacAdam family is quite noticeable at the time of King James by governmental and high military appointments for several generations. The McAdam were merchans in the major cities and obtained military appointment. Military appointes were issued to younger sons of the family which were generally purchased. We do find several military McAdam men on assignment in Ireland and America.



Extracts from Commissary Court Records and Scottish Archives


DUNCAN MAC ADAM, Burgess of Ayr, wife Elizabeth Mason - 3 Jan. 1604 Ref: CC9/7/3 p. 86
James Tsnok or Tonok? and Margaret MacAdam in Cantroll, date of 1603, ? MacAdam, Ewfono McCarr, Sally MacAdam, Dminno MacAdam in Ayr date 1601.
(A son of John MacAdam of the Family in Waterhead .) Most unreadable.

ELIZABETH MASON - 1.CC9/7/3 - Registered 12 January 1604
The testament dative of the deceased Elisabeth Mason, spouse to Duncan McAdam, burgess of Ayr who died in August 1601 given up by the said Duncan McAdam on behalf of Andrew, David, Jonet and Margaret McAdam, her lawful sons and daughters, executors dative decerned under decreet of (?)8 April 1603.
Among the debts owing by the deceased was one to Dowine (sic) McAdam, servitor to Gilbert McAdam of Watterheid of borrowed silver amounting to £44. The amount of the debts exceeded the goods. The cautioner was Peter Hamilton, burgess of Air.

ANDREW MACADAM, Parish of Dalmellington, Ayr, 20 Nov . 1607 - document missing.

ANDREW MACADAM - 4.CC9/7/6 - Registered 20 November 1609
Testament dative of Andrew McAdam in Arrow in the parish of Dalmelling who died in October 1606 given up by John McAdam his lawful son, executor dative appointed to him.
The inventory included farm stock and grain.There were no debts in or out and his free gear was valued at £124 13s. 8d. This was to be divided in three parts (i.e. he left a widow as well as child/children).
Thomas Quentin in Caich, Dalmellington was the cautioner.

DAVID MAC ADAM in Stratoun, wife Gillis Wood, 3 Nov 1614 CC9/7/10 p. 123 -124
James MacAdam in Hahney in the region of Ayr ... in behalf of William MacAdam to direct....
Lzmne McWalhie, Lefeomair MacAdam, Thomas Anothony, William MacAdam of of Ayr, for David MacAdam of Lvoatmy of Ayr, John McAdam in Longford, John McGarvgo in Go, Goffomy MacAdam in Gomo, Joemno MacAdam in Ayr, Agnes McThim in Grobmy, George McGaull in Fomalar, James McCaovoll and William MacAdam in Holme. (Not translated)

DAVID MAC ADAM in Knohconnell, wife, Cu. Besonne, 1614, CC9/7/14 p. 25 -26
David MacAdam in Knhohcoll, July 1615, Marrome McAdam in Longford, 1617, Joemne McFlour, Thomas McMnzheme of Giftope, Margaret McFovnole, Marolmne MacAdam m McGee in Lazgo, James McAdam, George McAllespy,, Gaslnen MacAdam. (Not Translated)

RS12/1 fol. 310 - 19 Feb. 1619
Sasine of William McAdam of Waterheid - 6 Feb. 1619 David Cathcart acted as baillie for Lord Cathcart whereby sasine was to be given to William McAdam of Waterheid, son and heir of the deceased Gilbert McAdam of Waterheid, under a precept of clare constat for the 20 shilling lands of Overmoseaill occupied by John McAdam and also the 20 sh. lands of Nethermoseaill in Dalmellington. Precept written 3 January 1619. Witness to giving of sasine - Peter McAdam in Glenheid and John McAdam in Bow.

RS12/1 fol. 310 - Registered 26 February 1619
Renunciation by William McAdam of Waterheid to Lord Cathcart of Over and Nether Moseaills. William McAdam of Waterheid, son and heir of Gilbert McAdam of Waterheid, has received from Lord Cathcart 1700 merks Scots and therefore renounces the two 20 shilling lands of Over and Nether Mosedaill in the parish of Dalmellington which had been sold to the late Gilbert McAdam under reversion. Written 9 January 1619. A witnesses was John McAdam in Bow.

RS12/2 fol. 246 - 1620
Contract by Peter McAdam and John McAdam his son At Irvine 12 December 1620 - Compeared Peter McAdam in Glenheid with a renunciation dated 15 and 17 November 1620 - Peter McAdam in Glenheid and John McAdam his eldest lawful son and Jonet McAdam his spouse compeared concerning the matrimonial contract. This was made between the said Peter McAdam and John McAdam on the one part and William McAdam in Auld Craigoch for himself and for Janet McAdam his daughter, now wife to the said John, dated at Ayr 13 December 1615. Under this contract Peter promised to infeft John and Janet his future spouse and the longest liver of the two and the heirs of the said John in the sum of 1000 pound Scots to be laid out on land or annual rent bringing in £100 and in security he infeft them in the 23 sh. 4 d. lands of Craigmalloche which the said Peter had in wodset, redeemable upon the sum of 1200 merks - and in the 6 sh. 8d. lands of Craigluyr redeemable upon the sum of 300 merks, reserving to Peter his liferent of £1000. Now the said Peter has paid to John and Janet , wife of John, £1000 and therefore the latter renounces his rights to the above mentioned lands. One of the witnesses was John McAdam of Previck.

RS12/1 fol. 427 - At Irving 12 February 1620
On 13 January 1620 compeared James Chalmer of Gaitgirth having a precept granted by John McAdam of Previck requesting that sasine to be given to the said James. John McAdam was superior of the said lands. In the precept, James Chalmer deceased is declared to be the grandfather of James Chalmer now of Gaitgirth, who is the lawful heir. He is to be infeft in 4 merklands and 4 pennylands of Hillhouse and Maxwelland. Precept written 28 august 1619. Note: this sasine is badly water stained.

JOHN MAC ADAM, Burgess of Ayr, 2 Nov. 1620, CC9/7/17 p. 117 -118
2.CC9/7/17 - Registered 2 November 1620
Testament dative of John McAdam, burgess of Ayr who died in June 1620 given up by James McAdam, burgess of Ayr, brother german and executor dative decerned to the defunct.
Money was owing (among other sums) to John McAdam by the said James McAdam amounting to £30. Among the debts owing by the defunct was one to George Fergushill and the said James McAdam equally for rent of a booth for the mertinmas term 1619 and Whitsunday 1620 amounting to £11 6s. 8d. with half a stone of wool valued at 53s. 4d.
There was no division (indicating that the deceased was not survived by either a spouse or children).
Cautioner George Fergushill, merchant burgess of Ayr.

RS12/2 fol. 100 - 1621
Renunciation Jon McAdam to Lord Cathcart At Irving the 5 January 1621 John McAdam of Previck had been heritably seized by Allan, Lord Cathcart, with Marjory Gichen his wife in the two merklands of Brokelhill and two merklands of Over Tounhill in the bailliary of Kyle Stewart and sheriffdom of Ayr, to be held of the noble earl in free blench (i.e. paying no feu duty), under reversion, on payment by Lord Cathcart of 400 pounds Scots. This transaction was dated 4 December 1609. Now seeing that Allan Lord Cathcart grandson and heir to the said late Lord Cathcart has repaid the said 400 pounds and all other moneys due under this loan, the said John McAdam with consent of his wife Marjory Gichen renounce rights to the lands held in security of the loan.
Written 20 November 1620. One of the witnesses was John McAdam in Drimeley (?)

CHRISTIAN MAC ADAM in Stair, Parish of Stratoune, 1624, CC9/7/20 p, 245 -247
Christian MacAdam in Ayr- May 1623 and Sept. 1624 nominates Earl of ?, and Joemne MacAdam, my brother, and Jozmno Malegner ? in Longford .. Goemny Bnuvill ? of Carton ... Elztime MacAdam in Ayr., Jonet McMillian or MacAdam (Longford) in Cafee, Jonet Wallen, signed J. McNtar ...
Gomo McAigor of Goman Earl of Stratoune of Ayr, James MacAdam of Zbezlport of Glasgow or Galaway, William Comby. (Not Translated)

GEORGE MACADAM, Merchant, Burgess of Ayr, 19 Sept. 1628, CC9/7/22 p. 184 -187
Geroge MacAdam of Ayr appoints George and David McAdam of Ayr .. George and David MacAdam 3'd branch of of the family of Ayr. George and David in Cardross, Joemno McAdam, Joemne McGolling, Janet Mac Falong and Wilmer McFbelland (McFarland?), Joemne Buchannan, David MacAdam of Ganmes, George MacAdam of Bangor, Joemne and George MacAdam in Longford. (Not Translated)

GEORGE MACADAM, Merchant, Burgess of Ayr, 1628, CC9/7/22 p. 184 - 187
George McCadam, Joemne McAdam, Joemne Garrnes, Ambrose Linfew, Thomas Willson, Joemne Lonnar of Ayr, Joemne Mc ? of Garloch, James MacAdam in Parish of Noll, Patrick? Ilnfengo MacAdam in Leba, Parish of Noll, Gilbert and Amblizer ? in Noll, James McWall in Lelman, Gilbert Lockhart in Longford, William McAdam in Lalmar, Jonet MacAdam in Fan, Eolls MacAdam, James MacAdam, Joemne (John) , brother in Dallingemton, Margaret MacAdam of Longford, Gilbert McGamzarror, Esfane Gojogne in Ayr, James Gremarll and Gojzmne McWalll - several other names that cannot be read. (Not Translated)

GEORGE MACADAM - 3.CC9/7/22 - Registered 19 August 1628
The testament testamentar and inventory of the late George McAdam, merchant burgess of Ayr who died in June 1628 given up by his own mouth.
The inventary includes 700 merchant ware skins shipped out, 1200 skins lying in his booth in Ayr, a goatskin and a hogshead of alum.Money was owed to him by many people including by Hew McAdam in Watterheid (£18) and by Margaret McAdam, lawful sister of George.
The net valuation of his moveable property amounted to £3,849 and was to be divided in three parts (showing he left a widow and children).
His latterwill was written at St. Johns Clauchane on 8 June 1628. George and David McAdam, his children, were appointed as his executors. Elizabeth Bannatyne, his wife was tutrix testamentar to John McAdam, his eldest son and heir and to George and David McAdam, his executors. If Elizabeth Bannatyne clothes herself with a husband, then Robert Gordon, merchant burgess of Ayr, Patrick Daviesone and John Kennedy, burgesses there were to be tutors to the said bairns and in the meantime to act as overseers.
Witnesses to the signing of the testament were James McMichaell, notary, John McCubein and Mr. William Hamilton.

1 January 1630
On 23 December 1629 compeared Andrew McAdam in Bioeche and Allan Cathcart attorney for Johanne Cathcart, spouse to Peter McAdam in Glenheid, with a disposition and precept of sasine in favor of Andrew and Jeanne Cathcart granted by Peter McAdam. Jean Cathcart is to be infeft in the 20 shilling lands of Craigmalloche in liferent and Andrew McAdam, son of Peter, to be infeft heritably. John McAdam of Errow acting as baillie.
Precept written at Glenheid 22 December 1629 before witnesses- William McAdam in Beynd and John McAdam cordiner in Bemann (?- very difficult to read). Witnesses to the giving of sasine William McAdam in Beynd , John McAdam servitor to Patrick McAdam and Gilbert McAdam, son of the said William McAdam in Beynd.

PETER MACADAM in Glenhead, Parish of Stratoun, 20 Aug. 1630, CC9/7/24 P. 64 -66
Jnen (Peter) Mc Cadam ... Joan Caretawf (Crawford) of Emz and Quontom (Quintin) McAdam of Emz in Lanark ... Jean MacAddam of Dopmor... Joemne (John) MacAdam, son, 20 Nov. 1630. Anothony MacAdam in Emz, Ambr MacAdam, William MacAdam in Ayr, Jonet MacAdam in Ewz, Joemne Rnolan, William McCora in Ayr, Jean Ingram, Peter McCadam in dale of Godne, Joan Crawford in Dwz, Thlmenton of Ayr, Ambr, pane of Jean Carwford, .....MacAdam ?, To Janet McAddames, Enbbrie McCaddame, Margart McCaddames, my daughters....Jonet Games, Margaret McAddams in Gammos, Eme McAdame, A;mbr, McAddam, Quontom, McAdame, William McAddame in Fona (Waterhead), William McAdame in Bangor, Quintin McAddams of Waterhead, Joemne McCaddam in Cerroco, Ma? McAdam in Formes, Hhem (Hugh) McAddam, Lovlosmo McAddam in Gormis., Jnpmno and Eogomfomo MacAddam, Quinten McAdam, Gilbert McAdamo, Joemne McAdam, William McAddam, all sons, Zbelliare McCaddam in Gozmos in Alboy, Jean Catzlazt, Jnew McAddam in Lonford, Amber (Andrew) McAddamos in pone (Waterhead?)

RS22/3 fol.61 - 6 January 1630
Mr. John McClamroch, son and heir of the deceased Thomas McClamroch in Craigend with advice and consent of Alexander Gordon of (?), Roger Gordon of Largmore, James McMillan in St. Johnís Clauchane and James McMichell, notary, his curators and Jane McMillan, mother of John McClamroch and relict of Thomas McClamroch, compeared. A contract had been made between Robert McAdam of Smeton and the late Thomas McClamroch and Janet McMillan, spouses, at St. Johnís Clauchan of Dalry dated 23 May 1613 concerning 400 merks borrowed by Robert McAdam from the late Thomas McClamroch and Janet McMillan. Robert McAdam had disponed, under terms of reversion, the 40d. lands of Dalry to Thomas and Janet in security for the loan. Quentin McAdam, now of Smeton, and heir ìor at the least apparent heir to Robert McAdam, his fatherî has repaid the loan of 400 merks to Thomas McClamroch and his wife and John McClamroch, with consent of his curators and of Janet McMillan, has renounced any claims to the lands of Smeton.

RS22/3 fol.61
6 January 1630
JOHN MCCLAMROCH, son and heir of the deceased Thomas McClamroch in Craigend with advice and consent of Alexander Gordon of (?), Roger Gordon of Largmore, James McMillan in St. Johnís Clauchane and James McMichell, notary, his curators and Jane McMillan, mother of John McClamroch and relict of Thomas McClamroch, compeared. A contract had been made between Robert McAdam of Smeton and the late Thomas McClamroch and Janet McMillan, spouses, at St. Johnís Clauchan of Dalry dated 23 May 1613 concerning 400 merks borrowed by Robert McAdam from the late Thomas McClamroch and Janet McMillan. Robert McAdam had disponed, under terms of reversion, the 40d. lands of Dalry to Thomas and Janet in security for the loan. Quentin McAdam, now of Smeton, and heir or at the least apparent heir to Robert McAdam, his father has repaid the loan of 400 merks to Thomas McClamroch and his wife and John McClamroch, with consent of his curators and of Janet McMillan, has renounced any claims to the lands of Smeton.

JONET MAC ADAM, spouse to John MacAdam in Arrow Glein, Parish of Dalmellington,
7 August 1631, CC9/7/24 p. 490 -491- weak copy and very hard to read.
James MacAdam in Ayr, Anotony Dole ? in Dalmellngton, Ambr. Gerlep, James Aarboz, Agnes Renfaw, James McAddam in Ayr, Ambr. McGnzroz, Anontony McAdam in Longford, Jofonne, and Hoeno McAdame in Ayr, Jonet MacAdam in Gannes, and Jonet MacAdam in Forme.

GILBERT MAC ADAM, late of Mertland, deceased - 1633, CC9/7/26 p. 140
I Gilbert MacAdam nominate Gilbert, Joan and Janet McAdam... Gilbert MacAdam in Orrley, Jonet McAdam in ? , Jozmne MacAdame in Ayr, James McAdam in Goll, James Lomnod of Cognforn, James, Ambor, Albors MacAdam, William MacAdam or MacFair of Bangor, Jozmne MacAdam in Lorane,, Tim McFararaire in Ayr. Poor quality document hard to read

GILBERT MAC ADAM, in Kirbryld, wife, Elizabeth Boyle, 20 Sept. 1633, CC9/7/6 p. 60R
Amlo (Gilbert) MacAdamo in Arrow in Parish of Dalmellington, Oct. 1639 to Lemne McAdame in Waterhead, Oct, 1639, Jozmne Artif ? in Glasgow, Thomas Anothony in Ayr, Lemne MacAdam and Amlo MacAdam in Ayr, Joemne (John) MacAdam in Ayr.

RS12/7 fol. 233 - 15 May 1639
Sasine - James Campbell and his spouse of the lands of Previck Compeared James Campbell Writer to the Signet, with his wife Magdalene Cunynghame, having a precept of sasine given under the Great Seal. whereby James Campbell and his wife and the longest liver of the two receive in liferent and their heirs in fee (outright possession) the twelve pound lands of Previck with tower, fortalice and manor place etc (including the fishings on the Water of Ayr) in the bailliary of Kyle Stewart, which lands previously belonged to Master William Cunynghame of Brounhill and which, with the consent of Sir Hugh Wallace of Craigie and of Thomas McAdam lawful son of the deceased John McAdam once of Previck, have now been resigned. No McAdam witnesses were named.

JONET MACADAM, wife to John Sim, Sadler in Maylote, 23 Oct. 1647, CC9/7/30 p. 72 R - 72
George Lockhart of Carbray in Glasgow, Thomas McMmbrio ? in Edinburg, Janet MacAdam and John Sim in Mayhole, Sept. 1647, Jean MacAdam heir to Husband, H. Wallace in Mayhole, Margaret Crawford, Lureal Bofomno, Nobell Connorio ? in Maylhole, and Yeovey Grove in Ayr.

RS23/7 fol.187
18 April 1660
JEAN CUNYNGHAME, youngest lawful daughter of the deceased James Cunynghame of Aikett. The baillie (acting for the giver of the lands) was William McAdam in Knockingarock. A charter of liferent was granted by Gilbert McAdam fiar of Waterheid, heritable proprietor of the 6s. 8d. lands of Knockingarock and the 13s.d. lands of Strangmay (? difficult to read), with express consent of William McAdam elder of Waterheid, his father, to and in favour of Jean Cunynghame, future spouse of the said Gilbert. The lands of Knockingaroch were presently occupied and possessed by William McAdam and others.
Witnesses to the giving of sasine George McAdam, Netherbow and James McAdam in Netherbow.

JOHN MACADAM, Coalheaner at Carntyn City of Glasgow, 30 May 1661, CC9/7/32 P. 299 -300
Can not read any of the script writing, John Fleming, David Conngfamo of Milnvary, Foanrro Catzavt (Crawford ) of Gavvbifonio, James McAdam of McFormon.

GEORGE MAC ADAM in Gortfary, wife Mary Forrester, 1 Jan. 1664, CC9/7/33 p. 471 -472
Gooego (George ) MacAdam, spouse to Mary Forrester ... Inlofet (Isobel) and Harhrt (Patrick) MacAdam, Pohomne MacAdam in Glasgow, signed W. Hankanoy, George McAdam, and John Forrester.

PATRICK MACADAM, Merchant, Burgess of Glasgow, wife, Isobell Miller, April 1664, CC/7/33
p. 445-446. Patrick MacAdam was the son of John and Janet Muir so it may be assumed that George and Patrick were brothers. Hahrbo (Patrick) McAdam in Longford, Jontrio MacAdam in Longford, George Campbell, Robert Millibonallaman in Edingburg, (Not Translated)

WIILLIAM MACADAM in Gartleffen, Parish of Daily, 2 Jan. 1665, CC9/7/34 p. 183 - 185
Poorconoin McAdam in Dalmellington, Conoroll McAdam in Grartleffen in Grimmits, Quintin McAdam in Givour, Grcantoin MacAdam in Givouir, dates of 1659 and 1662, Signed Quintin McAdam and William MacAdam, and Gon Eumnay in Goggylhm, Grole McAdam of ?, Gilbert McLopeson, George MacAdam, Gilbert MacAdam. (Not Translated)

WIILLIAM MACADAM - 13.CC9/7/34 (very poor microfilm copy) - Registered 2 January 1665
Testament testamentar and inventory of William McAdam in Garleffen, parish of Dalry who died in February 1659 given up by himself. He owed Quentin McAdam in Waterheid of Girvan £11 6s.9d.
The net value of the moveable estate - £123 9s. was to be divided in three parts.
In his latterwill (written 12 January 1659) he named his executor as Jon Hannay in Seggyholm (Feggyholm?). He makes reference to his four children but without naming them. No reference is made to his wife (or widow). Two of them are described as young.

QUINTIN MACADAM, in Waterhead, Parish of Stratoune, 2 Oct. 1669 - April 1672, this document is missing.

QUINTIN MACADAM - 8.CC9/7/35 - Registered 21 September 1669
Testament dative of Quintine McAdam in Waterheid in the parish of Stratoune (Straiton) who died in August 1669 given up by John McAdam, lawful son of the deceased and appointed as his executor dative. Value of the inventory - £207 to be divided in three parts.
Andrew McAdam, notary in Dalmellington was the cautioner. There is an addition to this testament registered on 29 April 1672 which not yet managed to identify in the volume: it may be entered out of chronological order.

JONET MACADAM, wife of John Smith, 21 April 1671 CC9/7/39
No other information

SCOTTISH RECORD OFFICE - Ref: CC9/7/38 The records of Quintine, Jonet, Bessie and Jonet MacAdam below are written as one document and lettered A through F.

QUINTINE MACADAM in Waterhead, Parish of Stratoune, 1672
Thomas Uylamon, writer in Glasgow... for Quintin MacAdam in Waterhead, Jos MacAdamo in Canill, Agnes Gusmne (Grahame?) in Ayr, James McRare, William Wright in Gnorbdom, James Lockhart in Conhie.

JONET MAC ADAM, wife to Gilbert Hanney in Knockskaith, Parish of Dallmellington, 21 April 1671
Polar Coddie in Glagnhome, Joemne Gnobrofone in Lamnorgho, Joemne MacAdam of Ayr.
Andrew MacAdam, notar (writer) in Ayr, Robert Namthomne of Lanark and Jon Reid in Glasgow, Jon McAdame, signed J. McAdame, John McAdamo, J. Reid, Witness, signed L. HanoEoafome and Jo Fernfsone.

BESSIE MAC ADAM, spouse to James McAddam in Sluk, Parish of Dalmellington, 22 April 1671
Joseph McAdam and James McAdam ... Glank Coemes of Camnok, Dec. 1670, Jon Grog, James Campbell, Thomas Gray or Gvog in Gnosbon, Bessie MacAdam wife to James McAdam, Andrew MacAdam, notar (clerk), Jon Glum, George Gray or Gvoy, Jgoffne MacAdam, signed, John Sloan, George Gray - Charles Lozano, Commissar in Glasgow, Josme Joemns and James Holcraft, William Comings of Amgh, Robert MacRonno ? maybe McAdam, Joeno Joeno, and Jon Row of Glasgow and James Loll, signed John Lockhart. (Not Translated)

JONET MAC ADAM, spouce to John Sim in Ballantree, 1671
Jonet MacAdam, wife to John Sim in Mayball, April 1671, William Fleming in Amgh, Commissor of Glasgow, Joemn Sim, husband of Jonet MacAdam, Jon MacMillans of Mayballtour, Joan Row, Jon Jaemos, Joeno Gorm, Signed, John Milbane. (Same information as in document dated 1647)

PATRICK MACADAM, in Syd, Parish of Kilmacolme, 26 Feb. 1676 CC9/7/42 p. 109 -111
Can not read much of this document. James James Commissionor of the Court of Glasgow, James and Margaret MacAdam mentioned.

ANDREW MAC ADAM, Notar (writer) in Parish of Dalmellington, 29 Aug. 1680 CC9/7/44 p. 33-34
Andvon (Andrew) McAdam, writer, resided of the Parish of Dalmellington....Anabella McAdam, daughter in Dalmellington and Marrion Orsbie, mother to Annabell McAdam by John Johns Commissioner of the Court of Glasgow....Margaret Longane, Albr Crawford of the Parish of Parf?, Annable McAdam and James Jamphovemy in Dalmellington, Anbella McAdam, sister to Andrew McAdam...William Comings and Jon Coming.

PETER MAC ADAM, in Clayock, Parish of Straition, 14 May 1683, document is missing.

JOHN MAC ADAM in Glenohie, Wife Margaret McMath, 2 Nov. 1685, CC9/7/47 p.6
Margaret McMath, wife of John McAdam in Glenohie..Margaret MacAdam, daughter, Dobort Golling - 1685...Lathom McLlroy, Joan Dunn, both of Gormloth, William Thomson in Maylholl...William Tomny of Lome and Commissioner of Glasgow

ANDREW MAC ADAM, of Arrow in Parish of Dalmellington, 20 May 1687, document is missing.

SILLBILLA MAC ADAM, spouse to James McMillmune (MacMillian) in Barnstrilm, Parish of Kirkmichael, 24 May 1687 CC9/7/147 p. 256-256
Poor document to read, John Gryholme in Golls,, Andrew Cummings Commissinor of Glasgow Margaret Mc Clure, John Svvom in Ornmbum

RS23/4 fol. 595
3 July 1690
ADAM McADAM in Brekinsyde, uncle of the deceased Gilbert and Jeane McAdam, children of William McAdam in Murdochholme, with precept of sasine granted by James McAdam of Watersyde, heritable proprietor of the lands concerned, with consent of Quinten McAdam in Waterheid, Joanne Boyde Darnell and Quinten McAdam, merchant in Dunmellington, curators of the said James.
By precept of clare constat it was known that Gilbert McAdam and Jean, his sister, offspring of the deceased William McAdam in Murdochholme , nephew and niece of Adam McAdam in Brekinsyde, had been seised in an annualrent of 24 pounds Scots from the 4 merklands of Watersyde, under reversion, and Adam McAdam is lawful and nearest heir of Gilbert and Jean McAdam, his nephew and niece.

15 June 1692
ROBERT DUN, only son of James Dun has a disposition granted by Adam McAdam in Brekinsyde, uncle and nearest heir on the father's side to the deceased Gilbert and Jean McAdam, children of the deceased William McAdam in Murdochholm dated 9 March 1687 for the principal sum of 600 merks A heritable bond had been granted by Gilbert McAdam of Waterheid to the said Gilbert and Jean McAdam deceased on 20 Nov. 1667 and in security these two were infeft in 4 merklands of Waterheid on 17 May 1675. James Mcadam is now heritable proprietor of Watersyde.
One of the witnesses to the precept was Quinten McAdam, merchant in Dalmellington.

RS23/5 fol. 197 - 11 July 1694
Gilbert McAdam in Craigingellan had a disposition in his favor granted by William Mairtine of Dullorg who sold him heritably and irredeemably the three merklands of Nether Dullorg in the parish of Parton.

RS12/4 fol. 517
Sasine of Andrew McAdam & his mother of Craig missing

RS23/5 fol,226
25 October 1694
WILLIAM MCADAM portioner of Nether Knokingaroch, having a precept of clare constat granted by Alexander Gordon of Garleston, superior of the lands. Grissell McMillan, wife of the deceased George McAdam in Bow, mother of William McAdam portioner of Nether Knokingaroch, had died vested and seised in a half merkland of Nether Knokingaroch in the parish of Carsphairn, Kirkudbrightshire and William is the nearest heir to his mother.

RS23/5 fol. 197
11 July 1694
GILBERT MCADAM in Craigingellan had a disposition in his favour granted by William Mairtine of Dullorg who sold him heritably and irredeemably the three merklands of Nether Dullorg in the parish of Parton.

SAMUEL MCADAM - Edinburgh Commissary Court records
3.CC8/8/80 (very poor microfilm) - Registered 22 August 1694
The testament dative of Samuel McAdam servant to John Master of Stair who died  (blank) 
given up by James Dalrymple of Little Dunraget, executor dative by right of disposition and 
assignation from John and James McAdam dated 6 March 1693.
(Most of the rest of the testament is unreadable on the film).

RS23/6 fol. 188
16 April 1700
QUINTEN MCADAM of Waterhead - Sasine - William Craik of Duchray compeared, having a charter 
given under the Great Seal.  He was the second son of William Craik of Arbigland .  The charter concerned 
the lands of Duchraw in the parish of Balmaghie, which lands belonged before to William Craik and had been 
disponed to his son, William on 23 November 1691.  Reference is made to a decreet in the Court of Session 
dated 21 June last against Barbara Gordon, wife of Master Quinten McAdam in Waterhead and a number 
of other persons.This was the only reference to McAdams. 
Note: Barbara is wife of Quinten McAdam, not Mungo. 

RS23/6 fol. 281
25 June 1701
GILBERT MCADAM - Sasine given by Gilbert McAdam of Dullorg to Issobel Martein, lawful daughter 
to the late James Martein of Dullorg,  spouse of the said Gilbert McAdam, who had a disposition granted 
by the said Gilbert, her husband for liferent from the lands of Dullorg in the parish of Partane and Stewartry 
of Kirkcudbright.  Gilbert also sold her a third part of the said lands of Dullorg, but reserved his own liferent 
right and use of these lands. Witness to the precept was Quinten McAdam.
Witness to the giving of sasine - James McAdam in Netherknockingerrock, and Quinten McAdam 
in Upper Smeton.

17 June 1703 (date of registration)
On the last day of May 1703 Thomas Logan in Balbeg, baillie, having a contract of marriage made between Quintin M'Adam of Craigengillan and Jean Logan, lawful daughter of John Logan in Brefairn, whereby Quintin M'Adam infefts Jean Logan his future spouse in the 8 sh. land of Craigengillan in the parish of Carsefairne , Kirkcudbrightshire in liferent. The contract was dated 30 January 1703. The precept was written by Mr. Quintin M'Adam in Knockdones. Witnesses to the precept - David Logan in Dalmartoun and Peter Mcquhirter in Lowfairn. Witnesses to giving of sasine - Robert Williamson, William Gordone and Robert McMillane.

RS23/7 fol.304
26 May 1708
JOHN MCMILLAN in Drumnes acted as attorney for Jean McMillan, relict of William McAdam portioner 
of Knokingaroch.   He held a marriage contract made between William McAdam and Jean McMillan with 
consent of the late James McMillan of Drumnes her father - dated 14 January 1679.  Under this contract 
William McAdam infeft Jean McMillan in an annuity during her life of 40 pounds Scots or if there were 
children this was to be changed to 50 merks, to be uplifted from his half of the lands of Knokingaroch, parish 
of Carsphairn.

RS23/8 fol. 6 - 28 December 1710
On 24 November 1710 compeared Quintin M'Adam of Craigengillan with Hew Findlay, in Shield of Clyock as baillie having in his hand a heritable bond granted by Andrew Wight of Portmark in favor of the said Quintin, whereby the said Andrew agreed that at Martinmas last he had borrowed and received from Quintin 2000 merks Scots.. Andrew promised to repay 1000 merks at next Whitsunday and the other 1000 merks at next Martinmas, with payment due of 400 merks in case of failure. As security for the loan, Andrew infeft Quintin in his lands in Portmark in parish of Carsphairn. Precept written 20 November 1710 before witnesses - George Slowan and Andrew Slowan. Witnesses to giving of sasine - Andrew Kerr, servitor to Quintin and William Sinckler, late servitor.

JOHN MC ADAM, a miller at Kilmahew, Parish of Cardross of Glasgow, Nov. 1717.
Ref: CC9/7/51 p. 262 - 263
John Urbring in Achin for Robert Urbring for Patrick MacAdam to John MacAdam at Kilmalhow, Walter Buchanan, John Chaps,, Bond to Walter MacAdam, 1718, Wit: James George, Robert Landors of Ayr, ?Andro Gibson of Glasgow, James, George, John MacAdam - John Dow or Dun, Robert & William Monizios in Drumfair, John Mitchelll in Balemain, John Urbrine, Robert Norgor, John Crawford, Patrick Dun in Ayr,William Walhor, tailor in Gorlie, Waltor MacAdam of Arrow, Marrion Crawford, wit: Jenos Dun and J. Duncan This document is listed in the index dated 1781

JOHN MCADAM -15.CC9/7/51 - Registered 29 October 1718
Testament dative of John McAdam sometime miller at Kilmahew, parish of Cardross who died in November 1717, given up by Patrick McAdam, his lawful son and executor dative, as nearest of kin.
Among the debts owed by the defunct was one due to Walter McAdam son to the defunct of a second marriageî for 200 merks. The debts exceeded the value of the goods.
Cautioner ñ John Niving in Achinscore and Robert Niving maltman in Bridge-end of Geilstoun.

QUINTIN MAC ADAM of Midtoun of Grunnork, wife Marion Wilson, 11 March 1720, document is missing.

RS23/10 fol. 131
15 July 1724
JOHN MCADAM of Craigengillin had a precept of clare constat granted by Thomas Gordon of Earlstoun, superior of the ground, in favour of the said John, lawful son and nearest heir to the deceased Quinten McAdam, for sasine to be given to the said John now of Craigengillan in the barony of Earlston, parish of Dalry, and partly in the parish of Carsphairn.
Witnesses to the precept - James McAdam of Waterhead of Geuch

RS23/10 fol. 131 - 15 July 1724
Compeared John Andrew in Dalfrossan as attorney for John McCaddame of Craigengillan with Thomas Mitchelson of Muirbrock as baillie. John Andrew had in his hands a precept of clare constat granted by Thomas Gordon of Earlston, baronet of Earlston superior of the lands, in favor of John McAdam now of Craigengillan, for all and whole the lands of Craigengillan in the barony of Earlston, parish of Dalry and by new division in the parish of Carsphairn, and in the precept dated at Waterhead of Heuch 27 March last. The precept of clare constat states that Quintin McAdam of Craigengillan has died and that John, his son, is his lawful heir to the lands of Craigengillan Written at Waterhead of Heuch 27 March 1724. Witnesses - James McAdam of Waterhheid of Heuch, Alexander Cunningham junior of ? (unreadable) and Robert Dalrymple junior, writer. Witnesses to giving of sasine - John Russell servant of John McAdam, David Millar and Samuel Clerk.

QUINTIN MAC ADAM of Craigengillans, 23 Sept. 1725 CC9/7/52 p. 316 - 317
James Cunninghame to Docas of William MacAdam, March 1715....Jan. 1717 by James Millor, Clerk, May 17l8 in Knuchshinnuch, Oct. 1709 of William MacAdam in Knurkhonnor in the books at Dalmellington.... Robert Morios to Doca of Quintin MacAdam in Knuchdonos dale of ... March 1707 in bookds of the Commisinor of Glasgow dated Feb. 1704 grant lands of Quintin MacAdam on May 1706 .... Nov. 1695 to Mr. Quintin MacAdam in Waterhead, Dec. 1695 in books of commissior of Glasgow registered Oct. 1698.... James Barr a merchant in Buchcanan to James Wallace, merchant in Ayr on April 1698... James Barr grantor to John Gordon... May 1697 to James Walace 1696 ... Alexander Millor, merchant in New Galoway to James Wal;ace, June 1698 from Mr. Cum. Gordon Earl of ? registered 3 Aug 1725. Joan Logan in books of heirs oblige my heirs ... in Court of Glasgow for Joan Logan solid (spouce) of Quintine MacAdam of Craigngillan, by James Wilson writer in Glasgow, wit: James Slowan, John Garro, William Lugan, J. Logan, and William Cuningham. This document is written with much English mixed into the Latin. Land records show Quintin's father, Quintin of Grimmits held title of lands from 1642 to 1682. Son, Quintin held title to Craigengillan in 1700 and was head of House of Grimmits.

GEORGE MACADAM in Berleuch, refict of Sarah Crawford, 10 Feb. 1726 VV9/7/52 p. 364 - 365
Sarah Carwford in Dalmellington solid of the Docas of George McAdam in Boulouch within the Parish of Dalmellington .... January 1724 faithfully appoint James Llvwan, Merchant in Dalmellington...March 1725 before the Commissioner of Glasgow to Anabblo McAdam, daughter of George McAdam and Sarah Crawford.....granted to Sarah Crawford by Joan Crawford, wife of William Mitchell in Carpshin in 1723 for Margaret McAdam or McMillam, wife of Hugh Crawford in Broun dated Dec. 1716. by John McCune commissioner to James Kolburn in Glasgow. wit: William Wright; signed James Lugan, James Lluwane, William Wright, and James Lugan.

ROBERT MACADAM in Tullachan, Parish of Killrenoch, 18 Feb. 1727 CC9/7/52 p. 481 -482
Robert McAdam in Buchanan within the Parish of Killrenoch gives his Docoas (undated) to Elizabeth McAdam, sister who is the wife of Robert Walhor in Kingairbor ...Jan. 1727. ... Archabald Gvban (Gorden) and by William Buchanan of Nroch, James and Bartholomew Garnors in 1718. James Kolburn Commissionor in Glasgow, William Mitchel, writer in Glasgow..signed William Mcquire and William Buchanan (Robert held title to Craligengillan in 1704)

JOHN MACADAM in the Parish of Buchannan,, 23 Feb 1728 CC9/7/53 p.30 -31
John McAdam in Garloform with the Parish of Buchanan gives his Docoas to Janot McFarland.... to John Buchanan, younger of ? on March 1708 and William Buchanan of Achin Nov. l709
Angas McFarland wife of James McFarland, Archibald Gibson, William McAdam , son to George McAdam in Garliorn conjunctive with Janot McFarland ...James McFarland ....Chalrino
McAdam my daughter ...Robert McAdam, my son in Birdmor, Chonjam Foote, (appears to be in the Military) Dugal or David McFarland with Jonet McFarland ... Archibald Grahame and William McAdam ... John Smith son to John Smith in Buchannan Wit: Andrew McFarland, younger, William Buchanan, George McNair, Patrick Bryce, writer in Ayr, John Smith, John McAdam, George McCarr and Janet McFarland.

WILLIAM McADAM - Testament & Inventory, 7 Aug. 1743 - Ref: CC9-7-57-PP535-536
William McAdam in Chapple Knows of Byne deceased, creditor and son Quintine McAdam in Garleffin on note dated 1741. Names William McLimont in Auchallon and John McCuteheon in Blair by deceased of his mother, Agnes, spouse of Willam McAdam - 100 Merks Scots, 1/3 of her estate as registered in the Court books of Bailliary of Casvick. A bill drawn by James McAdam in Byne, Jocbells McMurtrie, William Clark in Glenschou, signed in the presence of William Weir of Glasgow. James Wilson, a writer in Glasgow, John McCutcheon in Blair registered in Court books in Glasgow.

ROBERT McADAM, Inventory and bond, dated 1764, Ref CC9-7-65PP-173-74
Robert McAdam of Gairlochhead appoints John McAdam of Gairlochhead his lawful son his executor by commission in Glasgow. 1400 Merks Scots in bond granted by John Campbell., deceased, of Neslon and James Duncanlon of Garfhahes, dated 7 June 1753. Bond granted by deseased Archabald Buchanan of Dummohell and William Buchanan, eldest son and John McGown of Mains of Kilmamoch. William Weir of Glasgow, John Buchanan, Sr. writer in Glasgow, Archbald Gardner, merchant in Glasgow, witnessed, John Graham in Mugdock and John Buchanan, Archbald Gardner, John McAdam and John Grahame. 2 page document

ALEXANDER McADAM, Inventory and bond, dated 1770, Ref: CC9-7-67-PP413-415
Alex'd McAdams of Catheortstown in the Parish of Dalmellington in the Shire of Ayr faithfully appoints John McAdams of Craigengillan, Esq., brother german exec. and is next of kin registered in court of Glasgow. Alexander owned Castle Victuall, his stock was sold at the fair in Dalmellington in 1760 and the money went to John McAdam except the price of a mare to David McAdam and a black galloway bought by James McTaggar and propertly from Grimmet. Property from Bernatthan was sold to John Ferguson and Martin McClymont and James McTaggert. A watch was sold to Margaret McAdam. Property in Auchinshcoch was sold to James Ferguson and interest from John Morrison.

PATRICK McADAM- Record of Confirmed Testments from 4 March 1782 - Ref: CC9-7-72-PP1-2
Patrick McAdam late in Mammon thereafter in Garclockhead at the time of his death. Appoints Andrew McAdam, Tenant in Mammon, brother german and Colin Turner only lawful son procreate and Beturet Arch'd Turner, merchant in Inverary and Mary McAdam, sister german sole exectors. James Huleheson, writer in Dumbarton by right of widow and children. Duncan McKinlay in Dsumfad, John Cameron in Auchingauch, Malcom McFarlane in Tollick, and Angew Sinclair in Milldovan.

QUINTIN McADAM, Testement and Inventory, dated 1782, Ref: CC9-7-72
Quintin McAdam, Esqr. of Grimmets at Tunberry Lodge Parish of Kerk, Oswald and Shire of Ayr. Faithfullly made and given up by John McAdam, Esqr. of Craigengillan and James McAdam, merchant at Faunslock, brothers german and executor and nearest in kin of deceased, filed 13 May 1840. Inventory by: Hugh Brown in Argil, Lochlan Smith, warrent Comp of Glasgow, William Mitchell of Waterhead, John McAdam in Craigengillan, John Dulk in Dalkemy, Adam Fergueson of Killhorn - a L2,000 bond, Janet Logan in Glasgow, William Logan in Camlarg, David McAdam in Benan, Thomas Logan a surgeon in Ameyhole, James Rome in Ridkirk, John Weir in Aikenbrane, James Weir in Fonton, Robert Gordon in Minnive, David McMutrie in Camshaosh, Alexander Dounie in Carnochein, Andrew Carhcart of Carelton Baronet FosCalle, William Neil in Hillupston, Richard Barley, John Logan a baker in Ayr, Robert Brown, Hunter and Company, bankers in Ayr, William McAuley a writer in Glasgow, Robert McAuley a writer in Glasgow and Robert Germmell of Boag. Witnesses: Gilbert McKinley, Thomas McPhesson who were both servants of John McAdam. 11 page document.

QUINTIN McADAM, - 10.CC9/7/72 - Registered 20 May 1784
Testament dative of Quentin McAdam Esq. of Grimmets at Turnberry Lodge, parish of Kirkoswald who deceased (date blank) given up by John McAdam Esq. of Craigenquillan and James McAdam merchant at Fairstock, brothers german to the deceased, executors dative to him as nearest of kin.
There follows a very detailed inventory of household goods and stock of the farm. It includes a reference to cattle valued by John McAdam in Craigmark. Quentin McAdam was owed money by David McAdam in Benan amounting to £400. The cautioner was Robert Gemmell of Boag.

JAMES McADAM, Testament & Inventory, dated 1794, CC9-7-75-PP-621-627
James McAdam, farmer at Auchens, deceased April 1794, wildow Margaret Allason McAdam was executor to commissor in Glasgow. They owned Auchilns and Greenhill plus a manufacturing concern by the name of McAdam and Hodge. He held note by Mess. Hunter for L500 and held 1/8 share of the Ship Lady Mary. Notes by James McLymont at Stration and James MacSymont, James Breckinridge at Clurry, James Law in Burnsilde, James Thomson at Dondonald, John Bole at Eagles Stevenson & Hodge at Donlmald, James Howie at Eaglesham being the balance of the price of a house. William Allason of Whitehill appointed to handle the affairs of Margaret Allason, wife of James McAdam. Wit: Alexander Fleming, to the Children of Margart and James , not named, and John Lee a servant. This may be the James, brother metioned in Quintin's Testements and Inventory.

JAMES McADAM, - 11.CC9/7/75 - Registered 23 July 1794.
Testament dative of James McAdam, farmer at Auchans who died in April 1794 given up by Margaret Allason his widow and executor dative qua relict.
Inventory of the effects of the farms of Auchins (sic) and Greenhill and also his share and interest in the goods, effects, debts etc. belonging to the company and manufacturing concern known by the name of McAdam, Hodge & Co. Debts owed to him included 1/8 share of the ship the Lady Mary.
Cautioner William Allason of Whitehill.
Witness Alexander Fleming, tutor to the children of Margaret Allison (sic) and John Lee, a servant.

MARY MacADAM, Letter, Will & Inventory dated 1805, CC-13-44-3-PP-3-6
My Dear Sister: It is my request that you and your family takes management of my affairs after my decease and will execute that as a small reward to Elizabeth McGill for her faithful service to me for so many years the sum of L20 and my bedroom furniture, 4 pairs of blankets, 2 pairs of sheets and bed cover and what you do not think worth taking for your family. Her sister, Mrs. Jean Corbet and at her decease to her daughters, Hana Corbet, Jane Corbet, and Mary Corbet. I trust Peter Corbet and Will Corbet will act in the above concerns for their mother and sisters. Kirkcudbright, 30 August 1821, Peter Corbert, Esqr. Merchant of Glasgow gives lnventory of Mary MacAdam deceased, sighned Peter Corbet and John Thomson. Mary MacAdam was an aunt of Peter Corbet, a Glasgow merchant and his brother was William Corbet, also a Glasgow merchant who's mother was Jean MacAdam Corbet of Glasgow.

DAVID McADAM, Edict of Executory dated 1810, CC-13-6-127-97
David McAdam to Agnes McAdam, James Douglas commissor officer of Carmmu parish of Kirkcubright to the Parish Church of Dalry executor for goods and gear of decesed Agness McAdam in St. Johnstown. David McAdam, a labourer, his aunt, Agnes, nearest of kin. Signed, William and Alexander Douglas, wit: James Taunlers, and John Milligan.

ROBERT McADAM, Testemant and Inventory, dated Oct. 1814, CC-9-7-81-PP-542-547
Robert McAdam, tenant in Ladismore in the Parish of Kilmormoch, decesed, John Buchanan, Esqr. of Landishmore lawful creditor by joint promisary note with John McAdam for L150.

WILLIAM McADAM, Testament and Bond, dated Aug. 18l6, CC-9-7-82-PP-450-453
William McAdam, cotton spinner at Milend Calton at the time of his death. Helen Carnich, spouse of William McGill, cotton spinner at Calten as exector (mother?) exector in favor of said daugher, Helen. Note to Robert Lindsay, cotton spinner in Calton, partner in concern in Calton known as Milend Spinning Company. John Lindsay was a member of the firm.

JAMES McADAM of Govan and Glasgow, wife Catherine N. McAdams land registery 11 June 1834.

John MacAdam of Castle Douglas registery house trustee settlement 4 July 1834.

John Robert Bruce MacAdam of Glasgow heir to father, James McAdam a merchant , Heir of Line Gen"l. in 1839

James Kennedy McAdam hier to father Alexander McAdam of Castle Hill dated 1845.

John McAdam of Dalry to brother David, and sons of Archibald at Blackmark, Heir Line and Conqt. General dated 1847.

William McAdams of Bath, Gen. Sury of Roads, to father William McAdam of Ballochmorrie 1848.

William McAdam of Draper Leicester to his father, Thomas McAdam, Gardner at Newton Stewart, Heir General of Brunthouse residing at Woodside, Wigton, to his father William of Cairnfield, then in Sorbie, Heir General dated 1852.



Scotch Military Records

Col. John McAdam and a troop of 700 men held Bunratty castle during the English Civil War 
with General Munro under Cromwell. He was killed there in 1641 and his remains are said to 
have been buried under the walls.

Archilabld McAdam, John Donaldson, John Mure, Gavin Mure, John Weir, John Wilson, Robert 
Montgomrie, John Hannay, Alexander Stewart were Scottish settlers at the garrison at Carrickfergus 
under Gen. Munro. They received service from John Blair, son of the Minister of Portpactrick 
in 1645.

Lt. David MackAdam and William Barclay, Ensign, Robert Bruce were in the Royal Reg. of Foot 
under Alexander Cunningham and  Lord James Morrey in Nov. 1687.

Capt. David McAdam raised a company of men under George, Earl of Dumbarton, 23 Sept. 1688. 
He was removed from his Regt. at the start of the Revolution.

Lt. McAddam, Ogle, Buchanan and Skene, Ensigns, Broun, Dahyriple, and Spittle were with the 
Royal Scots with Lt. Gen. James St. Clair in 1746 in Ireland. These men were listed as off 
on recuritng duty.

Capt. McAdam master of the ship "Peggy" on duty off the African Coast died in 1765.

Lt. Macadam listed in Gallant action agaist the French in 1813.

Listed Officers in the Army Medical Service.
George MacAdam, A.S 1 May 1797 shiped 30 Sept. 1813 died at Gozo of Plague 6 May 1814.

John Stannard McAdam of Clare Co., Ireland A.S staff 31 March 1862 promoted to Lt. Col. 26 July 1887 
and died in the Soulth Seas, 23 April 1904. Recieved Color from King Edward at Windsor in 1909.

Capt. David McAdam appears in the Royal Marine Force in 1840.

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