Northern Ireland McAdam Records


The name of J. Mcadam, along with many Gordons and other Ayrshire men, appears on a Montrose resolve at Fort Augustus to dissociate himself from the Covenating and serve the Royal Cause dated 1645.


Co. Antrim

Muster Roll of 1631 with William Redding is Gayne (Gilbert) McAdam. Gayne or Gilbert McAdam was one of the owners of the lands of Ballymcadam.

Lt. John MacAdam with Sir William Betham left will dated 27 Jan. 1658 names children:

Lt. Gilbert McAdam, 2 'd Batalion of Royal Reg. of Foot in Co. Antrim under the command of Lieut. 
General St. Clair had purchased his commission, having contracted disorders when the Reg. was abroad which
renders him unable to do his duty, desires leave to resign and the succession proposed was 2 'd Lieut. Philip 
Gene and Ensign, Alexander Donaldson. 29 March 1750. 
(Records of the Royal Scots - dated 1746, Lt. Gen. James St. Clair. Capt. Eskin, Capt. Hay and Crawford, Lt. Ogle, Buchanan, 
McAddam, and Skena, Ensigns, Broun, Dahyrimple, and Spittle were on recuriting duty.)


Charles McAdam cb. 1685 died 1749
Walter, son of Walter McAdam b. 100 married Margaret 11 May 1722
George son of George McAdam born 1715
William McAdam son, Hugh b. 1757 married Teresa 1794 children: William b. 1795, Teresa b. 1795
John McAdam married Jane Ann Murchie 19 April 1835
Samuel McAdams married Lelitta 1842 

Antrim, Ballymoney - Gilbert and Henry McAdam at Lower Magee Owen McAdam married Margaret, Children William and Owen (twins) b. 26 March 1817 Antrim, Shankill - Francis McAdam married Mary Anne Reid 22 April 1833 Antrim, Lisburn - Thomas McAdam married Jane Gordon, son Thomas b. 1867
Templepatrick Parish, Ballyrabeit Grange or Ballyrobert has Widow McCadam in 1669. Later are: John, 1728, John, 1767, and Samuel, 1850.
In 1666 from the Parish of Ballineure   (now spelt Ballynure) Townland of Straid was: 
William McCadam, Thomas McCadam, David McCadam, John McCadam,  and Widow McCadam ( mother of this family). 
There is a cluster of 5 McCadams families  in the Ballyclare Parish. Their mother being present could mean they many have 
come in the 1603 plantations as one tratition  has it. There are still some McAdam families in the Ballyclare area which is 
only 2 miles from Ballynure. Unfortunately, the early church records of Ballynure have not survived.
Ballagherey, upper part of Island  Magee had a Gilbert McCadam resident of Ballaherney and Henry  McCaddam listed in 1669. 
James McCaddam is listed in Larrne in  1723. Apparently, the name McAdam died out here or left the area  a long time ago. 
Listed with Gilbert McCadam were, John Gilmore, William and John Martine, Alex Page, John Foster, Peter Hill,  John Crafford, 
Gilbert Willson, Robert Donaldson, and others.  In the 24 townlands covering a roll of 167 names in this record only the 
Campbells, Hills and Wilson can be found today. Several names which become extinct are preserved by the recollection
of family relationship or association with places - such as Logan, Gillis, Smiley, M'Cullough, McAdam, Boyle, Baxter, Lock, 
Gordon, Davision, M'Cargo and M'Kinlay. The large proportion of today residents are descendants of later settlers.

Griffiths Index

Killeed Parish, Lower Massereene Barony, Antrim Union, T - 2 families, 1827
Massereene Parish of Killeed had John McCadam at Seacash and James McCadam at Carmeavy in 1669.
Templepatrick Parish, Upper Belfast Barony, Antrim & Belfast Union T - 1833
Ahoghill Parish, Lower Toome Barony, Ballymena Union, 1 family 1825
Craigs Parish, Lower Toome Barony, Ballymeena Union, T - 1825
Skerry Parish, Lower Antrim, Barony, Ballymena Union, 1 family, no date
Larne Parish, Upper Glenarm Barony, Larne Union, 1 family 1834
Donegore Parish, Upper Antrim Barony, Antrim Union, T - 1833
Ballylinny Parish, Lower Belfast Barony, Antrim Union, T - 1826
Ralso Parish, Lower Belfast, Larne Union,, 1 family - 1830.


Listed as stationed in Coleraine 23 May 1653 are Lt. James McAdam and Ensign Andrew McAdam.
James and Mary Thomas McAdams of Moneycarry, Coleraine daughter, Anne was born 2/8/1846.


Archibald McAdam listed in 1645. John Blair, son of minister of Portpactrick at Carrickfergus receiving worship at Larne, John Donaldson, John Mure, Gavin Mure, John Weir, John Wilson, Wm. McAuchie, Robert Montgomrie, James Archilald, James Willie, John Hannay, Alexander Stewart, John Mitchell, all Scottish setlers at the garrison under Munro at Carrickfergus.

Gilbert McCadam is listed in Larne in 1669 followed by James McCaddam who left a will in 1723. A family is listed in Griffins in 1830. Samuel McAdam, age 25 migrated to New York in 1838. He is listed in a Scottish will as a resident from Ballyryland, Parish, Ralso, Co. Antrim.


Muster Roll of 1631 with Sir John Clothworthy has 3 McCadames listed: John McCadam, George McCadam, the younger, and Quintin McCadam.
Money roll of 1669 listed at Carmavy, Parish of Killeed is James McCadam. Two families are listed in 1826 in Griffins. Two families, Anne and Joseph McAdam are listed in Killead, Ballyrobert in 1862
At Seacash is listed in 1669 is John McCadam.
At Townland of Straid, Ballyclare Parish in 1669 are 5 families; Widow McCadam David McAdam, John McCadam, Thomas McCadam, and William McCadam.
At Ballyharry are Gilbert McCadam and Henry McCaddam.


The records of Millrow Presbyterian Church in Antrim and is within 3 miles of Killead. In these records the Society found: John McCadam of 5 towns child baptized named John. 20 Feb. 1702. Joseph McCadam of 5 towns children baptized: Mary, 6 Jan. 1705, James, 10 Aug. 1707, Jean, 6 Sept. 1713, Margaratt, 21 Jan. 1717, and Roose (Rose) 6 th June 1720.

Joseph McAdam and Elizabeth Egger proposed a marriage dated 19 May 1723. These entries indicate there was at least 3 McAdam/McCadam families in "5 towns" which was a part of the town of Antrim or an area close by.Ballyrobert on Hearth Money Roll for the year 1669.

Toome - Protestant Householder list of 1740

Samuel McAdam b. 1703 of Ballymcnagh Parish, Toome. 
There are two McAdams families listed in Griffin's in 1825.

Lease - 10 June 1791

James McCaddam, carpenter and resident of the Ahogihill, Barony of Toome was issued a 16 year lease from John Bourtrich of Ballylonghan. The witnesses were Sam Robinson and Robert Phillips. A family is listed in the Griffin roll is 1825.


Church of Holy Evangelist (Church of Ireland) at Carnmoney, Newtownably. Here lyeth the body of James McCadam, born 1663 who departed life 22 March 1704 aged 41 years, also Margaret his wife departed this life 2 Nov. 1722 age 70 years. Also the body of Samuel McCadam, b. 1688 who departed life 17 March 1760 age 72 years.

Elizabeth McAdam married Michael Lewis in 1721
Walter McAdam da, Margaret c. 5 Oct. 1722
George McCadam married Janet Durrie 16 Dec. 1736, the lived in Belfast. (see Belfast)

William, son of William McAdam born 30 Nov. 1773 married Elizabeth Dunlap in Carnmoney, Antrim and Belfast.
i. William was born 30 Nov 1794.
ii. Joseph, born 1798
Thomas McAdam, son Edward born 1810 in Carnmoney.

Joseph and Margaret (McCune) McAdam in 1815 also listed in Belfast and Ballynure. Children:
i. Samuel, b. 24 March 1816
ii. William John, b. 5 April 1818
iii. Margaret b. 20 Feb. 1820
iv. James George b. 31 March 1822
v. Elizabeth b. 18 July 1824
vi. Hugh, cb. 1825
vii. George b. 23 March 1834
viii. Nancy b. 5 Sept. 1835.

Mary McAdam married Samuel McCune, 11 Nov. 1786 in Belfast

Willam and Mary Jane (Patrick) McAdam
i. James b. 10 Oct. 1841
ii. Mary Ann, b. 31 July 1842

Hearth Money Rolls in 1669 - John McAdam as Seacash and James McAdam at Carmeavy.

Carmavy Graveyard
Erected by Letita McAdam Clady, Dunadry in momory of husband Joseph McAdam who 
died 30 July 1911 age 60. Letitia died 7 Oct. 1917 age 57.
Father James McAdam 1856- 1929
William McAdam died 1921 - Margaret McAdam died 1947
James McAdam died 1929 - Jennie died 1954
Meta McAdam died 1972 - Agnes E. McAdam 1974 - James W. McAdam d. 1978


Widow McCadam of Ballyrobert in 1669, John McAdam 1728,1769 and 1828, Samuel McAdam in 1833 and 1850. ( Joshua Welsh, son of John Welsh, minister of Ayr and Elizabeth, 3'd daughter of John Knox the reformer went to Templepatrick, Co. Antrim as Chaplain to Capt. Humphrey Norton. He died in 1634. Gilbert McAdam was arrested for harbouring John Welsh and banished to America.)

John McAdam, Templepark, County Antrim. 1698. (NAS, RD2.81. 1817)
John McAdam of Ballyrobert head leases from 1808 - 1841

Samuel McAdam married Margaret Liggatt, 3 May 1803. 
Probably the son of John who died 1828. Samuel left a will dated 1850.
i. Janet, b. 1803
ii. Margaret, b. 19 July 1812
iii. Sarah, b. 8 Jan. 1815
iv. John, b. 1820

James McAdams married Hannah Tompson 19 Jan 1810
i. Mary, , b. 3 Sept. 1812
ii. Martha, b. 2 April 1815
iii. Hannah, b. 15 Sept. 1816
iv. John, b. 19 Oct 1820
v. William, b. 22 Aug. 1825
vi. James, b. 17 Dec. 1816

John McAdam, daugther, Nancy born 27 Aug. 1805

Joseph McAdam, wife unknown.
i... Jean, b. 2 April 1825
ii.. James, b. 17 Feb. 1834
iii. Jane, b. 10 March 1841

Loose records

John McAdam is listed as a relative of Daniel Sellers in County Antrim, Ireland, dated 9 May 1737.
William McCadam of Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim placed advertisements in the Belfast Newsletter 
4 Feb. 1757 and 10 Feb. 1758.
James McAdam of Ballyloughan held lease in 1791 and signed bond in 1792
George McAdam of Portglenone signed letter in 1794 to Robert McAdam of Belfast
Samuel McAdam, age 25 went to   New York in 1838. He is listed in a Scottish will as a resident 
 from Ballyryland, Parish Ralso, Co. Antrim. 

Belfast City (Belfast is in both Co., Down and Antrim)

James McCaddam is listed in 1669 as a merchant in Belfast on the tax list with two hearths.

James McAdam in Belfast, County Antrim. 1698. (NAS, RD2.81. 1817)

Records of the Rosemary Street Prestyterian Church of Belfast.
Charles McAdam, lived on the "Prince Fredrick" a Royal Ship harbored in the Port of Belfast. His left will dated 1747 
was probated in Belfast.     
A.  Clemmons McCaddam, cb. 1695, son of Charles was a sailor and a member of the Rosemary St. Prestyterian Church of Belfast. 
      His wife was Elizbeth, known children:

a. George b. 1715 married Janet Durrie 16 Dec. 1736 in Caramony
    i. Thomas b. 7 July 1747
    ii. Margaret (twin) b. 7 July 1747
   iii. Samuel b. 2 Oct 1751 - son William b. 1785
   iv. William b. 2 Feb. 1753
b. Clemmons was baptised 18 July 1728.

David, cb. 1720 wife unknown
   i   Elinor b. 2 July 1755 married John Martin 19 Feb. 1785
   ii.William b. 9 June 1758
  iii. Mary b. 8 June 1860 married Samuel McCune 11 Nov 1786
  iv. Jean b. 13 June 1768

Russell cb. 1730 married Kathrine Lynn 7 Nov. 1757
   i.  Samuel b. 10 Sept. 1758

Russell McAdam, cb. 1735 married Jane Lahley, 14 June 1763.

George McAdam cb. 1700, d. 20 Dec. 1769 a Belfast merchant married Elizabeth Warwick, children:
    i.  Samuel cb. 1720 married Widow Weer 27 Jan 1742
   ii. William cb. 1730
  iii.  Thomas cb. 1735
  iv.  John cb. 1740

William McAdams cb. 1776 married Hanna Brown married in Belfast in 1799 at the Rosemary Street Church.. 
i.... William, born. 1799
ii... Catherine, b. 1800 married Allan Russell 19 April 1822 in Belfast
iii.. Russell, b. 1805 - married Mary Dunlop 14 Aug. 1830 in Belfast - da. Hannah b. 8 June 1835, and Jane.
iv.. James, b. 1807 - d. 14 Nov. 1900 migrated to America and married Emaline Melissa Hover 10 Jan 1864 in Cass Twps. Wapello, Ia. Their children were: a. William b. 25 Feb. 1866 - b. James Franklin b. 10 Sept. 1867 ma. Margaret Rhinehart .1902 - c Mary Melissa b. 11 May 1869 - d. Damiel E. b. 10 Jan 1871 ma. Phoebe Bates - e. - Elvira b. 11 March 1873 - f. .....John F. b. 17 June ma. Ollive Miller - g. Florence E. b. 10 Oct. 1877 m. Walter L. Harris - h. Thomas b. 10 Jan 1880 - i. Lewis .....Jackson b. 11 June 1886 - j. Walter T. b. 25 Feb. 1888.
v... Ann Jane, b. 1808 married Andrew Adams 10 Nov. 1828
vi.. Hugh, b. 1810 married Cathrine Campbell in 1840 in Belfast - son, William Campbell b. 7 Feb. 1841 Rosemary Street Church Marriages William McAdam married Mary Galt 23 Dec. 1812 Catherine McAdam married John Simpson 5 Oct. 1821 Elizabeth Sarah married Andrew Bodwell 1827 Jane McAdam married James Russell 15 Jan 1830 Hugh McAdam married Cathrine Campbell, da. Ann Jane b. 31 July 1844. Walter McAdam's daughter was Margaret who was born 5 Oct 1722 in County Antrim.
Mr. McAdam married Cathrine and their children were: John, b. 1751 and James, b. 1759.
St. Anne's Church Delzell McAdam of Whitehaven, England and Jane Lashley were married by Rev. Charles Arthur - 14 June 1763 at St. Anne's Church of Ireland - Belfast Capt. John and Rose McAdam son, William Henry born 1788 members of St. Anne's Church
The Belfast Newspaper dates back to 3 Oct. 1738 

Following is an index of McAdam: 
James McCaddam, Belfast Merchant on Hearth Money Roll in 1669 left his will dated 1704.
Margaret McAdam left her will dated 1723 in Belfast.
Samuel McAdam and Widow Weer were married 27 Jan. 1742/43 at Rosemary St. Presb. Church.
Russell McCaddam married Kathrine Lynn 7 Nov. 1757 at Rosemary St. Presb. Church, 
son, Samuel was baptisted 10 Setp. 1758.

Elizabeth, wife of George McCaddam died 24 Aug. 1755
George McCaddam of Belfast died 29 Jan. 1766
Miss. McCadam married 13 May 1774 Mrs. McCadam died 10 Nov. 1775

James McAdam died 27 April 1787 (Son of Samuel buried near Dromora) 
James McAdam cb. 1775 mar. Oct. 1798 Jane Shipboy both of Belfast sons, James and Robert.
James McCadam mar. 12 Dec. l800
McAdam held title deeds to permises at James St. and Brunswick Street in Belfast from 1840 to 1947.
James McAdam - An economic review of the Linen Industry, Belfast 1847 BPB1847
James McAdam - Lecture on the Production of the Flax Plants and modes of preparing its fiber for manufacture - Belfast BPB1852.22
James McAdam, Jr. On schools of design in Ireland, paper for Dublin Statistical Society, Dublin, 1849-N5405
David left his will dated 1829.

The Belfast Mercury, 18 May 1852

George M'Adam, b. 1779, formley of Belfast died at the age of 79 at Yonkers, near 
New York, 21 April 1852.

Belfast - The Irishman, 15 June 1821 from the Louisiana Advertiser.
Hugh McAdam a former resident of Belfast was elected Secretary to the Hibernian 
Society of New Orleans celebration of St. Patricks day.

George McCadam, a Belfast merchant was issued a lease 20 July 1757 for track of land Southside of Hanover 
Street or Quay, next to the Churchyard, Forrest Lane and Elizabeth Byrt issued by the Earl of Donagall for 
3 lives to continue for 99 years. This lease was renewed 1 May 1767 and witnessed by Bellamy and Henry 
Joy.  Signed and seal of George McCadam.

Bonds - 1794
James McAdam of Belfast bond to William B. Joy, transfers share in ship, Falmonth, 5 Jan. 1814. - 1822. Other owners were; James Johnston, Jenny Hanley, and Mr. Patterson.

James McAdam and Samuel Penny residents of Ballyloghlin, Co. Antrim bond to John Robertson of Ballycraigy, dated 15 Sept. 1792. Ref. James, son of James McAdam, carpenter migration to Belfast.


John McAdam left his will in   Ballyrobert dated 1767. 
Samuel McAdam left his will in Ballyrobert dated Oct. 1847 and probabated in 1849. His wife's name is not 
given but probably Isabella, son, John, daughters Margaret, Sarah, Isabella, Mary Moore, Ellen Gawley, 
and Jane Moore.  Samuel owned land in Kings Bog called Doctors Bank. Exec: Alexander Woodside, James Campbell 
and Isabella McAdam.

Margaret McAdam left her will in Belfast dated 1723. John McAdam left his will in Belfast dated 1788. Samuel left his will in Belfast dated 1806 and Margaret left her will in Belfast dated 1816. James left his will in Belfast dated 1822.

James McAdam, 30 Oct. 1861, resident 18 College Square, E. Belfast, Co. Antrim, Iron Founder d. 1 June 1861, brother Robert McAdam of 18 College Square, sole Executor.

Samuel McAdam of Oldpark, Co. Antrim d. 5/21/1868, wife, Agnes McAdam.

A James McAdam had left a will in Ballysillan dated 1704. Russell McAdam b. 1831, d. 1877, age 73 late of Ballysillan, Co. Down, oath William McAdam of Ballysillan and Belfast.

Joseph McAdam of 22 Downing St., Belfast, labour, d. 21 July 1890, Exec. were wife Sarah and Catherine Young, w/o Charles Young.

Gravestones- Knockbreda

John McAdam b. 1783 late of Belfast, son in law of Samuel Neilson, d. 29 Nov. 1862, age 79. Wife, Sophia Neilson, d. 5 Feb. 1872, age 81. Daughter, Ann, b. 12 Sept. 1814, d. 28 Dec. 1900.

Hugh McAdam's wife, Ellen, d/o John Robinson, b. 1851, d. 23 Feb. 1931.

James McAdam married Eleanor Hamilton in Bangor. William McAdam was a member of the 1st Presbyterian Church of Bangor, Co. Antrim dated 10 June 1826.

Co. Down

David McAdam on lease roll starting 1678 at Mt. Alexander, Co. Down. This rent payment roll is dated 1684 and was a 41 year lease which ended 1720.


James McAdam, b. 1697 lived to his 98 th year. He was a member of the Presbyterian Congeration Church as was buried at Drumiller near Dromore, 19 Oct. 1795.

John McAdam will was probated at Aghaderg 1776.   Faxgroweres list of 1796 includes 
John McAdam of Aghadarg. 

James McAdam willl was probated at Aghaderg in 1807. 

George and Elizabeth (McCammon) McAdam of Aghaderg left for American in 1804. They 
settled in Harrison Co., Ohio.  George McAdam b. 1770 married Elizabeth McCammon in 
Brainbridge. Family imgrated to N.Y. 1804 and moved to Harrison Co., Ohio.
i. James b. 1804 - Down (see Harrison Co., Ohio)

James McAdam left will in Drumiller dated 1812. 

George McAdam of Drumiller, Co. Down, lease dated 1814, 1822, and 1824.
J. McAdam held lease at Maghera in 1817.


Eleders of the Pres. Church in Ireland - Dromore
James McAdam - 1745
Samuel McAdam - 1773
James McAdam - 1788
Samuel McAdam - 1791
George McAdam  - 1819 - Drumlugh

James McAdams b. 1745 in Dromore 
James McAdam, cb. 1798 married Jane Glover, 7 April 1819.
John McAdam, cb. 1798 married Jane Dickson

Thomas McAdam married Catherine ?
     i. James b. 1765 in Co. Down

James McAdam a son of Samuel McAdam died 23 Oct. 1787
Samuel McAdam, son of James married Margarett Shannon in 1770. 

James, son of James McAdam b. 1778 in Dromore Parish
James McAdam b. 1778 married Susannah Laverty 1799 Dromore Parish
i. Stewart b, 22 Nov. 1802     
i. John b. 24 Nov.. 1806 Dromore

Thomas McAdam married Mariam Reed
     i. James b. 1774 Dromore

James McAdam married Marianne Reid
     i. Elizabeth Sarah b. 16 April 1816 Dromore
     ii.... Samuel b.3 Aug. 1819

George McAdams cb 1772 married Elizabeth Jaggart - left for America in 
1805 but have not been located after they arrived in Boston. 
     i. James b. 1804 in Down
     ii. George  b. 1805 Dromore

John McAdam married Anne Latham lived in Dromore Parish 
     i. Samuel b. 3 Aug. 1809 married Jane Harrison in Ballykeel 1836
         a.  John cb. 1842 married  Jane Ferguson 10 Oct. 1864 family moved to
          Glasgow - children i. Samuel b. 1865, ii. Jane b. 1871 iii. John b. 1873
           iv. William  v. Margaret.

William McAdam cb. 1780 married Elizabeth Mitchell 1801 in Dromore 
     i. William b 1805 - Dromore Parish

Joseph McAdam cb. 1774 married Mary Blakely
     i. John b. 17 Aug. 1809 Dromore

John McAdam  1780 married Susan Hynes in 1808 in Dromore
     i. William John b. 16 March 1822 Dromore
     ii. William b. 21 Sept. 1823 Dromore Parish

George McAdam married Elizabeth ? 1826 Dromore

William McAdam married Jane Knight 1836 Dromora
     i.  Elizabeth b. 17 Nov. 1841

William McAdam married Anne Attcheson 11 March 1844 - listed in both 
Dromore and Killinchy Presbyterian

Samuel McAdams married Janet Harrison 1836
     i. Samuel b. 31 Dec. 1837

Joseph McAdam married Isobella Hunter Joseph brother of James.
     i. Elizabeth b. 15 Oct. 1840 Dromore
     ii.Ellen b. 9 Oct. 1864 Dromora
     iii. Samuel b. 7 Aug. 1865

William McAdam married Isbella Armstrong 14 March 1826 - Kircubbin Presbyterian
Robert McAdam married Elizabeth Ann Galway or Galloway 
     i.  Hugh b. 21 Aug. 1865 Grey - Abbey also listed in Kircubbin

Robert McAdam married Margaret in Kilkeel
i. William b. 13 March 1866

George McAdam, cb. 1805 married Elizabeth.
James McAdam, cb. 1815 married Mary Alexander

Thomas McCaddam married Sarah Jons 24 Nov. 1834 Reg. SCARVA Pres. Church.

General Synod of Ulster, Vol. 11 includes James McAdam, Samuel McAdam 
and George McAdam as Elders in Dromore Presbyterian. George shared seat 
in 1st Presbyterian Church in 1816 with Col. St. James McAdam.


Samuel McAdam, cb. 1806 married Letetia McWhirks in Belfast, children were:
i... Essie, cb. 1832
ii.. William, cb. 1836
iii.. Samuel, cb. 1838
iv.. Mary Ann, cb. 1840
v.. Hugh, cb. 1843
vi..James , cb. 1844 in Belfast


Mary McAdam married Joseph Fergusson 7 April 1785.

John McAdam, Loughans, Co. Down lease extension dated 1792, also lease dated 1795 - 1814.


John McCadam married Rose Anne Cunningham 24 Feb. 186? Annahilt
i. James Smyth McCadam b. 20 Aug. 1864.


Samuel McAdam b 3 July 1896, was the son of Martha Jane McAdam. He married Margaret Jane Maxwell. His sister was Mary Ellen McAdam who married William Maguire. It is reported he had a brother, William. Some of the family migrated to Canada.


James McAdam will probated 1812 of Dromore. 
Samuel McAdam of Ballyvicknakelly left will dated 1823. 
Samuel will was probated in 1842 of Dromore.
Walter McAdam left will in Ballymackrainey dated 1842.
Joseph in 1855 of Dromore. (early wills has index only)

James McAddam of Mulloughdrim Parish of Domora died 13 Jan. 1878 gifts to brother, 
Joseph and his son James da. Rachel. His land known as McKeown.  Mary McAddam, 
his servent who has son Thomas McAddam.  Sister Eliza McAdam Johston, nice Eliza 
Maguire, nephew, Alexander McAdam plus gifts to Joseph Laverty son of John Lavery. 
Exc. John Lavery and James Magill.

Jane McAdam of Muninabane, Co. Down, d. 7 Aug. 1863, will proved in Belfast.

John McAdam of Begney, Co. Down, farmer, d. 3 Dec. 1883 exec. was William Irvine.

Thomas McAdam late of Cluntagh, Co. Down, Farmer, d. 18 June 1871 adm. by Thomas Tate.


Samuel McAdam of Ballyhabert, Co. Down, born 1773, d. 1815 at age 42. 
Esther McAdam, b. 1756, died 4 Jan. 1838 at age 82.
James McAdam of Ballyhabert, in memory of his grandfather, 
James born 1782, who died 28 April 1865 at age 83. 
His grandmother, Mary Ann McAdam, b. 1791 died 1853.

Griffiths Index
St. Andrews Parish, alias Balllyhalbert, upper Ards Barony, Newtown Ards Union, 2
families - 1834
Inisharay Parish - T -1833
Tullylish Parish, Iveagh Lower Barony, upper half - Banbridge and Lurgan Union
3 families - 1833
Annahill Parish, Iveagh, Lower Barony, Lower Half, Lisburn Union, 1 family
Dromara, Iveagh Lower Barony, L.H. Lisburn and Banridge Union, 3 Families, 1826
Dromora, Iveagh Lower Barony, L.H. Banbridge and Lisburn Union, 7 families, 1834
Dormora, Iveagh, Upper Barony, LH, Banbridge Union, 2 family 1826
Drumballyroney Parish, Iveagh, Upper Barony LH, Banbridge and Newry Unions,
Tithes, 1827
Maghera Parish, Iveagh Upper Barony LH, Kilkeel Union, T - 1 family, 1831
Kilkeel Parish, Mourne Barony, Kilkeel Union, 2 families, 1832.

Co. Armagh

Lease - James McAdam of Lattery, Co. Armagh on poll book dated 1753 late of Dunlarge dated 6 Oct. 1760. Lease passed on the sons, John and David and sister Sarah McAdam for Dunlarge. Sons, Gilbert and John of Dundrum and Dunlarge, left wills, no dates.

Lease from Catherine Hamilton, the widow of William Hamilton, Archdeacon of Armagh, dec. and Edward Matthew of the City of Dublin to James McAdam, late Dunlarge to his son and Administrator, David McAdam. John and Sarah McAdam are also children of James McAdam. The lease was for 28 towns of Toaghy and towns of Dunlarge. The document was signed by Barry Maxwell and Henry McCullagh. The lease shows that the rents were paid in 1771.
(James McAdam appears in the 1753 Lattery Poll Book in Armagh. James left his will dated 10 May 1764, now distroyed. Sarah McAdam, most likely his daughter, sighed a renewal of this lease in 1778.)

Lease - John McAdam dated 1762

John McAdam of Dunlarge, Co., Armagh, rent roll of S.N Johnston included John McCaddam, renewed 1 Feb. 1792 for 1 life and Thomas McAdam of Baxter Farm, no date.

FLAXGROWERS LIST - 1796 of Keady, Co. Armagh
Five McAdames are listed: 
1.....David McCadam
2.....Gilbert McCadam
3.....John McCadam
4.....Robert McCadam
5.....William McCadam.
Nace McAdams <> has discovered his James McAdams family is from Co. Armagh, Ireland.   
A nephew, Tom Sheridan recently gave him the information on his grandfather, James McAdams who was born Feb 5 1865
 in Tullinamallogue, in the parish of Derrynoose, Keady County Armagh, Northern Ireland.   His parents were:
Francis McAdam born abt 1835 died died Oct. 21st 1899. He married Alice Brennan, born abt 1831 and died March 4th 1873.
James had a brother, Francis McAdam born March 9th 1862 and sister Mary McAdam, born Aug.5th 1858.
Robert McAdam married Julia Ann Neill 18 Aug. 1845 in Keady
Robert McAdam married Elizabeth Ann Galloway 10 Dec. 1849 in Keady 
     NEWSPAPERS - Armagh Guardian, Monday 4 Sept. 1848.
Patrick McAdams was one of the steerage passengers saved from   the burning of the Ocean Monarch between city of 
Dublin to BeauMaris.


John McAdam of Dunlarge held lease in 1762 - Sarah McAdam held same lease in 1804
James McAdam of Lettry left his will dated 1765
David McAdam of Dundrum left his will dated 12 Aug. 1791
David McAdam of Dundrum left his will dated 1812
David McAdam of Dundrum left his will dated 1832
John McAdam of Dundrum left his will dated 1852
James McAdam held lease in Ballyloughan in 1791 - 1822
Gilbreath (Gilbert) McAdam of Dundrum left his will dated 27 Nov. 1797
Gilbreth (Gilbert) McAdam of Dundrum left his will dated 1803
John McAdam of Dunlarge left his will dated 16 March 1799.
John McAdam of Dunlarge left his will dated 1812

James McAdam, late of Milltown, Co. Armagh, Farmer, dec. 12 Feb. 1871 at same place, will proved at Armagh by oath of John McAdam, Jar. of (Maghery) who was one of the Executors. (Will no. 27)

Elizabeth McAdam, of Drumena, Co. Armagh, widow, 23 Aug. 1884, will proved by William John McAdam of Drumena and Kingsborough of Drumalis who was also the Executor. (Will No. 134)

Matthew McAdam, Co. Armagh, d. 9/23/1865 at Armagh.

Robert McAdam of Drumena, Co. Armagh, farmer, d. 23 Nov. 1890, admin. to his brother, Joseph McAdam.


Tartaraghan - From the Church Register - St. Paul's Church of Ireland, Tartaraghan

Marriage -26 Mar 1829 Micheal Abraham of Derryness and Elizabeth McAdam of Cloncore
Confirmations: 1828 William McAdam (15) of Cloncore - 1845 Sarah McAdam (16) of Cloncore

Copies of Gravestone Inscriptions from Tartaraghan Church of Ireland Graveyard

MCADAM (sandstone slab in Rail surround)

Here lieth the body of Henry McCadam who departed this life 20 March 1793
aged 74 years.  Also his wife Honora McCadam who departed this life 25 March
1810 aged 78 years.    (George McAdam states that there were two Henry McAdam who 
were brothers about the same age..  One was known as Henry the Balliff of Cloncone, his 
line and the other was Henry from the Bridge.  Question - how can Pat prove or disprove a 
relationship between this Henry and the Henry McAdam in her family - 
Patricia Rawlings <> )

MCADAM (sandstone Headstone with Granite surrounding)

Erected to the memory of Mary Ann McAdam, Cloncore, who departed this life
11th April 1877, aged 73 years. Also her husband Henry McAdam, who departed
this life 12 Dec 1879, aged 81 years. Henry McAdam, who departed this life
2 April 1915, aged 81 years. Also his wife Martha McAdam, who departed this
life 16 July 191, aged 73 years. W.D.McAdam, died 31 Jan 1861.
(Small book type Limestone)
A token of restpect from Glasgow Corp.Tramway Employees, Govan Depot, to
Jackson McAdam who died 13 Jany, 1917.

MCADAM (sandstone headstone)

Erected by William and Dr. McAdam of Clongore on memory of their mother
Margaret McAdam who died 3 Aug 1863 aged 45 years.
Also their father William McAdam who died 19 May 1886 aged 74 years. Also
their brother Henry McAdam who died 12 Oct 1890 aged 44 years.


John McAdam married Sarah Best and lived at Milltown. Their 5 children were: John, James, Richard, Margaret married Richard Best and Sarah married Thomas Smith. James b. 1774 married Debora Best and the family migrated to America in 1802 and settled in Muskingum Co. Ohio.


The Cloncore McAdam family is documented as came to Ireland during the Cromwell time with the McClelland and Best Families. Evendience is strong that this branch came from Kirkcudbright area including Dumfries and Wigtown area of Scotland. They apperar to link into the Hanney and McClendon familes of the area.

Patricia Rawlings <> sent all the records that she has for births, marriages 
and deaths of the McAdam in County Armagh that she has found in her search for the family of Henry and 
Maryanne McAdam of Cloncore.  She hopes that these records can be of some assistance to others.  These 
records are from the Ulster Historical Foundation search report which was compiled sometime in the 1970's  
for a deceased member of her family which was found in some old papers and sent to her.  

McAdam Baptisms:
15-4-1827           John s/o John and Anne McHaddon, Derryagh (born 17-2-1827)
14-10-1827         Esther d/o Henry and Jane, Gloncore (b 12-10-1827)
4-11-1827           Anne d/o Henry and May McHadden, Cloncore (b 27-10-1827        
9-11-1828           Thomas s/oHenry and Judith McAdam, Derrycorr (b 4-11-1828)
5-4-1829             William s/o Henry and Marianne McAdam, Cloncore (b 24-3-1829)
9-8-1829             Mary d/o William and Arabella McCadam, Derrykewen (b 4-8-1829)
20-9-1829           Thomas s/o Betty McAdam, D'kewan and George Marshall, Tarngriva (b 18-11-1827) 
15-11-1829          James s/oJames and Anne McAdam, Cloncore (b  Nov)
3-1-1830              Margaret d/o John and Ann McCadam, Derryagh (b 24-11-1829)
17-10-1830          Sarah d/o Henry and Judith McAdam, Derrycorr (b 8-10-1830)
13-3-1831            Olivia dr of Henry and Marianne McAdam, Cloncore  (b 6-3-1831)
4-12-1831            Anne Jane dr of Henry and Jane McAdam, Cloncore (b 24-11-1831)
13-5-1832            Margaret dr of William and Isabella McAdam, Derrykewan (b 5-5-1832)
28-4-1833            Elizabeth dr of Henry and Judith McAdam, Derrycorr (b 5-1-1833)
23-6-1833            David s/oHenry and Marianne McAdam, Clonsore (b 4-5-1833)
22-3-1835            Mary Jane d/o Henry and Judith McCadam, Derrycorr (b 10-3-1835)
26-2-1837            George s/o James and Deborah McAdam, Cloncore (b 11-2-1837)
23-4-1837            Eliza dr of Henry and Jane McCadam, Cloncore (b 16-3-1837)
16-7-1837            Eliza Ann dr of Henry and Mary Ann McCadam, Cloncore (b 24-6-1837)
22-10-1837          Margaret, dr of Henry and Judith McCadom, Derrycorr (b 8-10-1837)
28-6-1839            William Henry s/o Henry and Jane McAdam, Cloncore (b12-6-1839)    
23-1-1840             Sarah Jane d/o Henry and Mary McCadam, Cloncore (b 17-1-1840)
27-9-1840             Robert s/o James and Deborah McCadam, Cloncore (b 8-9-1840
27-2-1842             Anna dr of Henry and Judith McCadam, Derrycorr (b 1-11-1841)
19-6-1842             Rachel d/o Henry and Mary Ann McCadam, Cloncore (b 10-6-1842)
27-11-1842           Stevenson s/o James and Deborah McCadam, Cloncore (b 20-10-18420
12-11-1843           Rachel dr of William and Margaret McCadam, Cloncore (b 1-10-1843)
23-6-1844             Wilson s of Henry and Jane McCadam, Cloncore (b 15-12-1843)
8-8-1844               George s of Henry and Judith McCadam, Derrycorr (b3-9-1844)
17-11-1844           Wilson s of Henry and Eliza McAdam, Glencore (b 7-9-1844)
4-5-1845               Robert s of David and Elizabeth McAdam, Glencore(b 15-3-1845)
31-8-1845             Henry s of William and Margaret McAdam, Glencore (b 14-8-1845)
31-8-1845             John s/o James and Deborah McAdam, Cloncore (b19-4-1845)
27-12-1846           Elizabeth dr of William and Ann McAdam, Derrykewan (b 17-11-1846)
11-4-1847             Sophia dr of Henry and Jane McAdam Cannagola (b 140301847)
1-8-1847               Wilson s/o James and Deborah McAdam, Cloncore  (b 5-6-1847)
2-1-1848                Margaret d/o William and Margaret McAdam (b 26-7-1847)
5-8-1849                William John s/o William and Anne McAdam, Derrykewan (b 5-4-1849)
22-9-1850              Ruth dr of Henry and Judith McAdam, Derrycorr (b 10 12-1849)
15-12 1850            Dawson s of Henry and Mary McAdam, Cloncore (b 26-1-1850)
21-2-1851              Henry s of George and Rebecca McAdam,  Derrycorr (b26-1-1851)
25-5-1851              Elizabeth dr of James and Deborah McAdam, Cloncore (b 5-6-1850)
12-10-1851            Isabella dr of William and Anne McAdam, Derrykewan (b 20-3-1851) 
16-11-1851            Anne Jane dr of William and Margaret McAdam, Cloncore (b 28-10-1851)
16-11-1851            Esther dr of William and Margaret McAdam, Cloncore (b 27-6-1850)
22-3-1852              Sarah Anne dr of Thomas Doogan and Olivia McAdam, Cloncore (b 15-2-1852) 
26-4-1852              Martha dr of Henry and Judith McAdam, Derrycorr (b 4-6-1847)
10-4-1853              Thomas s of William and Anne McAdam, Derrykewan (b 19-2-1853)
25-9-1853              Anne Jane dr of William and Margaret McAdam, Cloncore (b 17-6-1853)
25-9-1853              Alice Anne dr of James and Deborah McAdam, Cloncore (b 8-9-1853)
9-10-1853              William James s of George and Rebecca McAdam, Derrycorr (23-3-1853)
8-4-1855                Richard s of William and Anne McAdam, Derrykewin (b 24-2-1855) 
8-4-1855                Robert s of William and Margaret McAdam, Cloncore (b 4-3-1855)
10-8-1856              Rebecca Jane dr of George and Rebecca McAdam, Derrycorr  (b 9-11-1855) 
7-12-1856              David s of william and Margaet McAdam, Cloncore (b 1-10-1856)
14-6-1857              Eliza Anne dr of william and Anne McAdam, Derrykewan (b 16-1-1857)
14-2-1858              William Henry s of James and Deborah McAdam, cloncore (b 12-7-1857)
14-8-1860              Sarah Jane dr of William and Anne McAdam, Derrykewan (b 12-5-1859)
24-2-1861              William David s/oHenry and Martha McAdam, Cloncore (b 20-12-1860)
27-9-1863              John George s/o Henry and Martha McAdam, Cloncore  (b 31-5-1862)
23-5-1864              Eliza Anne d/o Henry and Marth McAdam, Cloncore (b 19-5-1864)
11-11-1864            John s of John and Marth McAdam, Clonmacosh (b 4-10-1864)
19-7-1865              Henry s of Henry and Martha McAdam, Cloncore (b 15-6-1865)
12-7-1868              Wilson s of Henry and Martha McAdam, Cloncore (b 14-7-1867)
23-8-1868              Elizabeth Anne dr of David and Margaret McAdam, Cloncore (b 10-10-1867)
29-5-1870              Dawson s of Henry and Martha McAdam, cloncore (b 25-9-1869)
30-10-1870            Robert David s of David and Margaret McAdam, Cloncore (b 17-2-1870)
21-7-1871              Mary dr of Wilson McAdam and Margaret Stevenson, Cloncore (b 14-6-1871)
24-9-1871              Sarah Elizabeth dr of George and Jane McAdam, Cloncore (b 20-7-1871)      
28-7-1872              Sarah Jane dr of Stevenson and Mary McAdam, Cloncore (b 6-1-1872)
2-9-1872                Mary Anne dr of Wilson and Margaret McAdam, Derrinwaw (b 22-8-1872)
21-10-1872             James Henry s of David and Margaret McAdam, Cloncore (b 1-6-1872)
28-3-1873              Elizabeth dr of Robert and Elizabeth McAdam, Cloncore (b 7-1-1873)
7-4-1873                Robert James s of Henry and Martha McAdam, Cloncore  (b 13 -8-1872)
21-4-1874              Isaac s of Stenenson and Mary McAdam, Cloncore (b 1-8-1873)  
30-8-1874              Robert George s of George and Jane McAdam, Derrinraw (b 23-4-1874)
21-6-1875              Jackson s of Henry and Marth McAdam, Cloncore (b 6-11-1874)
27-7-1875              Margaret Jane dr of David and Margaret McAdam, Cloncore (b 29-8-1874)
26-12-1875            Olivia dr of Wilson and Margaret McAdam, Derrinraw (b 5-9-1875)
15-2-1877              James Henry s of James and Mary McAdam, Derrykewan (b 24-2-1876)
7-3-1877                William David s of David McAdam and Sarah Jane Dowd, Cloncore (b 29-12-1876)
23-3-1877              Sophie dr of Robert McAdam and Sarah Anne Hanlon (?) as alleged (b 7-11-1876)
4-10-1878              Elizabeth Anne dr of Wilson McAdam, son of Jmes McA. and Sarah Dowd (b27-7-1878)
18-7-1878              Martha dr of David and Margaret McAdam, Cloncore (b 20-2-1877)
24-11-1878            Rachel Jane dr of Wilson and Margaret McAdam, Derrinraw (b 6-4-1878)
21-4-1879              Esther dr of Robert McAdam and Sarah Anne Hanlon, Cloncore (b 1-6-1878)
1-4-1880                Sarah dr of David and Margaret McAdam, cloncore (b 4-4-1879)
20-3-1880              Rebecca Elizabeth d/o Henry and Prudence McAdam, Derrycorr (b 28-9-1879)
31-10-1880            Elizabeth Anne d/o James and Mary McAdam, Ballinany (b 12-6-1880)
24-6-1881              Anne Jane d/o Robert McAdam and Sarah Anne Hanlon, as alleged, Cloncore (b 25-11-1881)
22-10-1882            Alfred s/o Henry and Martha McAdam, Cloncore (b 7-10-1881)
5-11-1882              Wilson s of David and Margaret McAdam, Cloncore, Weaver (b 27-1-1882)
20-5-1883               Mary Jane dr of Henry and Prudence McAdam, Gallrock, Farmer (b 29-12-1882
25-1-1885               Stevenson s of David and Margaret McAdam, Cloncore, Weaver (b 26-5-1884)
15-7-1885               Robert s of Robert McAdam and Sarah Anne Hanlon, Cloncore, Weaver (b 26-7-1884)
19-5-1887               John George s of David and Margaret McAdam, Cloncore, Weaver (b 14-7-1886)
28-8-1887               George Henry s of Henry and Prudence McAdam, Gallrock, Farmer (b 16-3-1887)
25-9-1887               Deborah dr of William Henry and Matilda McAdam, Cloncore, Farmer (b 12-3-1887)
25-7-1888               Stephen s of Henry and Martha McAdam, Cloncore, Farmer  (b 9-7-1888)
24-11-1889             Ruth d/o Henry and Prudence McAdam, Gallrock, Farmer   (b 25-6-1889)
29-12-1889             Margaret dr of John and Elizabeth McAdam, Cloncore, Farmer (b 7-9-1889)
23-2-1890               Henry Jackson s/o Dawson and Mary McAdam, Cloncore, Farmer (b 20-11-1889)
1-2-1891                 Joseph Sydney s/o Dawson and Mary McAdam, Cloncore, Farmer (10-10-1890)
16-8-1891               Wilson s of Wilson McAdam and Sarah Anne Sullivan, Cloncore, Farmer (b 19-12-1890)
24-7-1892               William Henry s of Wilson and Elizabeth McAdam, Cloncore, Farmer (b 11-4-1892)
22-4-1894               Jane Wilson dr of Wilson and Elizabeth McAdam, Cloncore, Farmer  (b 3-2-1894)
4-11-1894               Rachel Jane dr of Robert James and Margaret McAdam, Cloncore, Farmer (b 29-6-1894)
7-6-1896                 Henry s of Dawson and Mary Jane McAdam, Cloncore Farmer      (b 13-12-1895)
28-6-1896               James Alfred s of Wilson and Elizabeth McAdam, Cloncore Farmer    (b 23-3-1896)
25-12 1896             Margaret dr of Dawson and Mary MdAdam, Cloncore, Farmer   (b 10-9-1896)
19-9-1897               George s of Willism James and Sarah Jane McAdam, Derrycorr, Farmer (b 18-4-1897)
26-12-1897             Martha Jane dr of Dawson and Mary Jane McAdam, Derryraw, Farmer (b 9-8-1897)
10-4-1898               Margaret Ann Dr of Robert James and Margaret McAdam, cloncore, Farmer (b 17-9-1897)
5-6-1898                 John Joseph s of Wilson and Elizabeth McAdam ,Cloncore, Farmer (b 10-3-1898)
1-4-1900                 John George s of Dawson and Mary Jane McAdam, Milltown, Farmer (b 3-7-1899)
17-5-1900               William David s/o Robert James and Margaret McAdam, Cloncore, Weaver (b 28-12-1899)
28-10-1900             George s of Wilson and Elizabeth McAdam, Cloncore, Farmer (b 20-6-1900)
11-10-1903             Rebecca Jane d. William James and Sarah Jane McAdam, Derrycorr, Farmer (b 20-2-1903)
2-12-1903               Annie Elizabeth dr of Rebecca McAdam, Gallrock  (b 24-6-1903)
7-8-1904                 Wilson s/o Dawson And Mary Jane McAdam, Derrinraw, Farmer (b 28-12-1903)
17-4-1905               David Henry s/o Isaac and Sarah McAdam, Glasgow, Tram Cond.  b 29-9-1904)
12-2-1906               William Joseph  s/oWilliam James and Sarah Jane McAdam, Derrycorr (b 17-4-1905)
5-8-1906                 Sarah Ann dr of Sawson and Mary Jane McAdam, Derrinraw  (b 29-3-1906)
28-10-1906            Thomas Edward s of Wilson and Elizabeth McAdam,Cloncore, Farmer (b 9-5-1906)
14-7-1907               Isaac s of Isaac and Sarah McAdam, Glasgow, Motor man  (b 10-3-1907)
29-3-1908               Noah s of Wilson and Elizabeth McAdam, Cloncore, Farmer  (b 10-8-1907)
30-8-1908               Margaret Ellen dr of Dawson and Mary Jane McAdam, Derrinraw, Farmer ( b 15-5-1908)
7-8-1910                 Rachel dr of Wilson and Eizabeth McAdam, Cloncore, Farmer   (b 25-1-1910)
Marriages McAdams Cloncore 

4-10-1825      Henry McAdam and Mary Ann Wilson, both of this Parish
31-1-1834      George Tipping, Clonmacash and Esther McCadam, Cloncore
31-1-1834      James Sullivan, Cloncore and Jane McAdam, Cloncore
20-10-1841    George McCadam, Cloncore and Hanna Humphry, Cloncore
29-3-1844      Robert McCadam, Derrykiwen and Phoebe McNally, Ballynary
3-19-1846      James McCadam married Anne Jane Campbell in Armaghbrague.
2-5-1850        George McAdam, 23 Bach, Cloncore s/o Henry McAdam Farmer and Rebecca Hall, Full, 
                       Spin, Derrycorr dr of James Hall, Farmer
13-3-1851      James Elden, Full, Bach. Farmer, Clonmacash s/o Joseph Elden, and Esther McAdam full,  Spin,
                       Cloncore dr of Henry McAdam, Farmer
29-12-1853    John Jackson, full, Bach, Farmer Derrycorr s of William Jackson, farmer and Anne Jane McAdam, 
                      19, Spin Cloncore dr of Henry McAdam Farmer
12-10-1854    David McAdam, Full, Bach,Weaver, Cloncore s of Henry Mcadam, farmer & Anne Jane Catles, 
                       Full, Spin, Cloncore dr of John Castles, farmer
14-11-1859     Henry McAdam, Full, Bach, farmer s of Henry McAdam, Farmer and Martha Forbes, 17, Spin, 
                       Cloncore d/o David Forbes, Mason
24-5-1860      William Dynes, Full, Bach, Farmer Derrytagh s/o Richard Dynes, farmer and Elizabeth Anne 
                       McAdam, Full, Cloncore dr of Henry McAdam, farmer
16-2-1865      Valentine McKee, Full, Bach, farmer Cloncore s of Valentine McKee, Farmer and Elizabeth McAdam, Full,
                       Spin, Cloncore dr of william McAdam, farmer
20-11-1866    David Geddis, Full, Bach, farmer, Clonmartin, Drumcree s of Malcolm Geddis, farmer and Elizabeth 
                       McAdam, Full, Spin, Cloncore dr of Henry McAdam, Farmer
22-11-1866    David McAdam, Full, Bach, farmer, Cloncore s of James McAdam, farmer and Margaret Forbes, 
                       Full, Spin, Cloncore dr of David Forbes, farmer
5-3-1868        John Smith, full, Bach, farmer, Tinickel s of Samuel Smith, farmer and Isabella McAdam, 18, Spin, 
                       Derrykeevan dr of William McAdam, farmer
19-3-1868      John Forbes, full, bach, Mason, Cloncore s of David Forbes and Sarah Jane McAdam, full, spin, 
                       Cloncore dr of Henry McAdam, farmer 
9-2-1871        Stevenson McAdam, full, bach, Labourer, Cloncore s/o James McAdam, Labourer and Mary 
                      Adams, minor, spin, Weaver, Cloncore dr of Richard Adams, farmer
29-2-1872      Robert McAdam, Full, Bach, Farmer, cloncore s of James McAdam, farmer and Elizabeth Harrison, 
                       full, spin, Cloncore dr of James Harrison, farmer
17-1-1876      James McAdam, full, bach, pensioner, cloncore s of James McAdam, farmer and Margaret Abram. 
                       full, spin, Cloncore dr of William Abram, farmer
29-8-1878      Henry McAdam, full, bach, Labourer, Derrycorr s/o George McAdam. farmer amd Prudence Martin,
                       full, spin, Derrycorr dr of George Martin, farmer
12-5-1881      John Scott, Full, Bach, farmer, Annaghmore s of Robert Scott, farmer and Rebecca Jane McAdam, 
                       full,spin, Derrycorr dr of George McAdam, farmer
30-11-1881    William John Abraham, full, widower, farmer, Ballydongens of Micheal Abraham and Rachel 
                       McAdam, Full, spin, Cloncore dr of Henry McAdam, Cloncore
2-2-1883        David Forbes, full, bach, Bricklayer, Cloncore s of David Forbes, Bricklayer and Eliza Ann McAdam, 
                       Full, spin, Derrykewan dr of William McAdam, farmer
3-4-1884        Samuel James Pearson, full, bach, Labourer, Derrykeeron s of Andrew Pearson, labourer and 
                      Alice Anne McAdam, Cloncore dr of James McAdam, farmer
22-5-1884     John Eldon, bach, farmer, Clonmacash s of James Eldon, farmer and Anne Jane McAdam,  
                      Cloncore, dr of William McAdam, farmer
16-12-1885   Wilson McAdam, full, bach, farmer, Cloncore s of James McAdam, farmer and Mary Swale, f
                     Cloncore, dr of Thomas Swale, farmer
4-11-1887     William James Harrison, full, bach, farmer, Cloncore s of James Harrison, farmer  and Sarah Jane
                      McAdam, Derrykewin dr of William McAdam, farmer
29-5-1894     Robert McAdam, full, bach, farmer, Cloncore s of William McAdam, farmer and Anne Jane Cassells, 
                      Cloncore dr of William McAdam, farmer
18-1-1895     Dawson McAdam, full, bach, farmer, Cloncore s of Henry McAdam, farmer and Mary Jane Venard, 
                      Cloncore dr of Thomas Venard, farmer
19-1-1904     Isaac McAdam, full, bach, Tramcar driver, Glasgow s of Henry McAdam, farmer and Sarah McAdam,
                      Cloncore dr of David McAdam, farmer
21-5-1908     William Robert Richardson, full, bach, farmer, Cloncarrish s of John Richardson, farmer and Mary 
                      Jane McAdam, Gallrock dr of Henry McAdam, Farmer
3-2-1916       Wilson McAdam, full, bach, farmer, Cloncore s of Henry McAdam, farmer and Sarah Jane Vennard,
                      Cloncore dr of Thomas Vennard, farmer
7-8-1918        William John McAdams, 24, Bach, Labourer, Castleraw s of John McAdams, labourer and Sarah 
                      Wright, 16, spin, (Carnagill) dr of Robert John Wright, labourer
4-2-1921        Abraham Hamilton, full, bach, labourer, Derrycorr s of Francis Hamilton, gardener and Grances 
                      Conlon or McAdam. full, Widow, Clonmacash, dr of John McAdam, labourer
21-9-1921      William Henry McAdam, full, bach, farmer, Cloncore s of Wilson McAdam, farmer and Hester Ross,
                       Portadown dr of John Ross, farmer
16-4-1930      Samuel Turkington. full, bach,farmer, Gallrock s of Sam Turkington, farmer and Annie Elizabeth 
                       McAdam, Gallrock dr of Henry McAdam, farmer
29-10-1930    John Fredrick Bothwell, 32, bach, farmer, Carlingford, co.Louth s of Sam Bothwell, farmer and 
                       Rachel McAdam, 20, Spin, Cloncore dr of Wilson McAdam, farmer
3-9-1935        George McAdam, full, bach, farmer, Cloncore s of Wilson McAdam, farmer and Florence Jane 
                       Jackson, Clonmicate dr of John Joseph Jackson, farmer
28-1-1942      Dynes McAdam, full Bach, farmer Cloncore s of Wilson McAdam, farmer and Ruth Evelyn Wilson, 
                      Cloncore dr of William Robert Wilson, farmer
19-9-1945      Andrew (Jim) Magee, full, bach, farmer, Chippyville?, Maghereliave?, Lisburn s of Andrew Magee, 
                      and Florence Elizabeth McAdam, full, spin, Nurse, Cloncore d/o William Henry McAdam
20-1-1946     James Alfred McAdam, full, spin, Bach, farmer, Cloncore s of Wilson McAdam, farmer and 
                       Jane Eliza Wilson,, Cloncore, dr of William Robert Wilson, farmer
1-9-1948       William James Mullen, 44, Widower, Farmer, Tinguy? s of William John Mullen, farmer and 
                      Dorothy May McAdam,19, spin, Cloncore dr of William Henry McAdam, farmer
17-9-1952     John George Richardson, 42, bach, farmer, Cloncarrish, son of William Robert Richardson, farmer 
                     and Anna Edith  McAdam, 22, spin, Cloncore, d/o William Henry McAdam, farmer

Burial Records

12-8-1831 James McAdam Cloncore aged 26 yrs
15-4-1833 Henry McAdam Cloncore aged 65 yrs
29-4-1834 Elizabeth McCadam Cloncore aged 25 yrs
24-8-1835 Agnes McCadam Cloncore aged 64 yrs
26-03-1850 George McAdam Cloncore aged 80 yrs
19-12 1856 Esther McAdam Cloncore aged 82 yrs
12-06-1860 Hannah McAdam Cloncore aged 80 yrs
06-08-1863 Margaret McAdam Cloncore aged 45 yrs 26-08-1864 Anna McAdam Derrycorr aged 21 yrs
11-5-1865 George McAdam Derrycorr aged 20 yrs
2-10-1866 Ruth McAdam Derrycorr aged 16 yrs
30-11-1869 Mary Jane McAdam Derrycorr aged 30 yrs
22 12-1874 James McAdam Cloncore aged 71 yrs
14-3-1875 George McAdam Derrinraw 38 yrs
13-4-1877 Mary ann McAdam Cloncore 73 yrs
14-12 1879 Henry McAdam " 81 yrs
3-7-1881 Wilson McAdam Derrinraw 36 yrs
13-12-1881 Dorothy McAdam Cloncore 66 yrs
12-8-1883 Henry McAdam " 84 yrs
12-10-1884 Judith McAdam Derrycorr 78 yrs
21-5-1886 William McAdam Cloncore 74 yrs

28-12-1886 Jane McAdam " 80 yrs
5-4-1887 Wilson McAdam " 39 yrs
19-5-1887 Margaret Jane McAdam " 12 yrs
13-10-1890 Henry McAdam " 44 yrs
16-2-1897 Marth McAdam " 20 yrs
13-8-1900 Rebecca McAdam Derrycorr 86 yrs
27-8-1900 Martha Jane McAdam Derrinraw 6 yrs
26-3-1904 George McAdam Derrycorr 77 yrs
23-5-1906 Willliam H McAdam Cloncore 65 yrs
8-9-1913 William McAdam " 65 yrs
23-11-1913 Wilson McAdam " 32 yrs
30-4-1915 Henry McAdam " 81 yrs
10-7-1915 Isaac McAdam " 8 yrs
18-7-1915 Martha McAdam " 73 yrs
2-4-1916 Henry McAdam Derrinraw 21 yrs
17-1-1917 Jackson McAdam Glasgow formerly Cloncore 42 yrs
19-6-1917 Elizabeth McAdam Cloncore 36 yrs
27-8-1918 David McAdam " 79 yrs
20-11-1918 John McAdam Derrinraw 19 yrs
1-12-1918 William James McAdam Derrincorr 64 yrs
29-1-1919 Prudence McAdam Gallrock 60 yrs
28-12-1919 Margaret McAdam Cloncore 75 yrs

Henry McAdam b 1798 Cloncore, Co. Armagh, d 1879 Cloncore married 4 Oct 1825 Cloncore to Mary Ann Wilson b 1804 d 11 April 1877 Cloncore. Their known children are:
i. Agnes b 1827
ii. William b 1829
iii. Elizabeth/Olivia b 6 Mar 1831 married 20 Nov 1866 to David Geddes
iv. David b 1833 Cloncore Ire. d 1908 Lillimur, Victoria married 13 Oct 1854 Ann Jane Castles b 26 Apr 1831 Cloncore d 16 Mar.1904 Penola, South Australia. Emigrated to South Australia in 1855 on the "Constantine". They had eleven children.
v. Henry b 1835, Cloncore married 14 Nov 1859 Ireland to Martha Forbes. Henry emigrated to Australia the same year as David but did not like the country and returned home to Ireland at some stage to marry one of the girls next door. Da. Elizabeth Ann b. 2 June 1864. One of his sons died in Glasgow in the early 1900's
vi. Eliza Ann b 1837
vii. Sarah Jane b 1840 Cloncore d. 1881 Richmond, Melbourne, Aust. married 19 Mar 1868 to John Forbes (Brother of Martha) Emigrated to Australia in 1870 and arrived in Brisbane. They then travelled to Victoria and settled in Melbourne. There were seven children born here and the eldest of these, David, raised his siblings when their mother died not long after the youngest child was born.
viii. Racheal b 1842

Wilson McAdam son was John Joseph and his son was William John Joseph McAdam who d. 23 Sept. 1986 The family purchased the Cloncore Castle from the late Lord Wakefield in the early 1900's.John George McAdam b. June 1885 married Ellen Bulla b. 19/4/1881, son Thomas Wilson b. 1924.

Griffith index:

Killyman Parish, Oneilland, W. Barony, Armagh Union 1 family, 1825
Kilmore Parish, Oneilland West Barony, Armagh Union, T - 1833
Loughgall Parish, Oneilland West Barony, Armagh Union, 1 family - 1830
Tartaraghan Parish, Oneilland West Barony, Armagh and Lurgan Union, T - 1833
Keady Parish, Armagh Barony, Armagh Union, 5 Families, 1825
Tynan Parish, Armagh Barony, Armagh Union, 1 family,,, 1827
Oneilland West has 18 families and the city of Armagh has 7 families but no dates.



Listed is 1st Lt. John McCadam in Liskilte dated 1658.
Daniel and Donald McCaddam are on tax list of Killemard Parish, Co. Donegal 1665. Henry McAdam is listed in 1666.
Henry McAdam in Tyrone may be a relative of  Shane McCaddam in Fermangh the same year..


McAdam, John,son of John McAdam of Bow, Scotland is living  in Tyrone, 1623. 
(John Campbell, burgess of Ayr testament 1623, Commissariot of Glasgow mentions John McAdam, resident 
of Tyrone owes him money but no relationship is mentioned.  John Campbell's brother, David was in Tyrone also.)
McAdam, John, of Liskelle, County Tyrone, gentleman, was granted Irish denization on 19 July 1633. (IPR)
Henry McCaddam on 1666 tax roll at Clonfeacle Parish, Culrevog
Alexander McAdam left his will in Dungannon in 1738.
Thomas McAdam of Edernagh was on Ferguson Religious returns dated 1766
William McAdam married Anne Willis, 1 Aug. 1845 at Brackaville
John McAdams married Margaret Anderson 
i. George Alexander b. 23 July 1865, Omagh

Tyrone Co. Ireland to New Jersey John McCord of Succasunna had 5 children born in Tyrone 
Co., Ireland and reminded there, but some grandchildren came to America.  A grandson, Robert McAdam 
settled on a farm near Ralway, New Jersey, but nothing else is known.  
4 McCord brothers came to America in 1783.

Co. Londonderry
George, son of George McAdam was born in Derry 1657. 
William, son of William was born 1697. 
Samuel, son of William and Margaret was born 1716. 
Samuel, Son of John and Margaret McAdam was born Nov. 1717. 
Samuel married Mary Gilmore and da. Jane was born 1752. 
Mrs. Ann McAdam was a relative of Daniel Rice Seller on estate dated 1750.

Capt. David McAdam and wife, Sarah Hair, a son of Quintin of Grimmits lived in Derry, Ireland 
where he served in the military and was a school teacher.  David died about 1752 -58.  It is not 
known for sure if any of his family remained in Ireland.  Only one of his children is known, 
Rev. Alexander McAdam of Grimmits.  John McAdam of Craigengillan was David's brother 
and uncle to Rev. Alexander McAdam.

At Templemore

John Lockhart married Jannett McAdam in 1661 and their marriage was recorded in both Tipperary, 
 Templemore and Derry, Co., Londonderry. Double records in Ireland and Scotland are not unusual 
as births and marriages were recorded where the even took place and also in their home parish.  This 
record helps to support the theory that the McAdam in the Londonderry area came from the family 
of Thomas McAdam of Co. Clare a son of John McAdam of Waterhead.

Jane Lockhart married Matthew McAdam? - 12 Nov. 1663. 
George son of George McCadames b. 1657 married Jennett McCllhalton in 1678.
At Templemore in 1858 was two families with the head of the families both named 
William McAdams. By the 1901 census there was 6 McAdams families at Templemore. 
In the households was an adopted son, a lodger and a visitor, all with the last name McAdams
An earlier listing was Thomas McAdam in 1766 at Artrea, Edernagh.
A Daniel McAdams in 1826 in Town Parks,1828 in Strabane and 1831 in Rossmagallaug. A Daniel 
McAdams late of Tooban Burnfoot, Co Donegal farmer, d. 8 May 1871. Adm. was his son, 
Andrew McAdams.

William McAdam, ca 1800 in Strabane died 17/2/1862. Daniel and Henry McAdams are listed in 
Fahan, townland of Tievebane in 1858. Robert McAdams cb. 1810, d. 21/5/1879, a shoemaker, 
married Margart J. Hunter. Their da, Margaret J. b. 20/9/1877. 
Thomas McAdams who's wife was Mary lived in Deserlyn, Parish of Ardtr when da. Rachel 
was born 25.10/1840.
William McAdams married Margaret Gallagh in St Johnston, Co, Donegal 4/8/1844.
Joseph McAdams of Derry City married Bridget Murry a unnamed son was b. 10/2/1867.

John McAdams was living in Omagh and Thomas McAdams in Urney Tyrone in 1860.
A John McAdam of Omagh, Co. Tyrone, a druggest d. 14 Sept. 1886. His wife, Margaret 
was the adm. to his will.

Longtower, Derry City

John and Jane (Hegarty) McAdams when their daughter Margaret was born 30/8/1849, 
Mary b. 22/5/1852. Betty McAdam married John Hagarty in Derry City, 14/05/1824. 
It appears that John Patrick McAdams who married Maggie Fox was also their son as 
they lived in Longtower when James, P.J. was born 10/8/1894.
At Longtower was Thomas and Mary Anne (Gillespie) McAdams, married 16/12/1895, 
da. Bridget b. 12/11/1896 and Francis Co., b. 6/12/1897.

Co. Monoghan and Fermanagh

Kevin McAdam <>
Information is from the wall of St. Comgill's Church, Church of Ireland) in NewtownButler, Fermanagh, 
Northern Ireland. Fr. Charles Mc Adam is listed as the Rector in 1424 and 1426.  

1685 - John McCaddam, grant, Leek.

Alexander McAdam, b. 1746 married Isabella McConnal and died Castle Douglas, Scotland
Robert, son of Alexander b. 1791 died 1856 in Castle Douglas, Scotland

James McAdam will probated at Smythsborough in 1809. Patrick McAdam lived in Crossmore 
and his will was probated in 1831. Terence McAdam lived in Claroghill will was probated 1833.

Michael McAdam cb. 1775 - 1851 married Rose Kenny known sons: 
i. Patrick married Bridget (Margaret -) da. Rose McAdam b. 1834 - d. 1898 
married Michael Mulligan 1829 - 1888 - their da. Mary A. Mulligan 1854 - 1928 
married Alexander J. Busby 1851 - 1914.
ii. James b. 1800 - 1864 married Catharine - b. 1802 - d. 1850  some of the family went to NY 
in the 1840 - 1850 - known children.
a. James b. 1834
b. Catharein 1836 - 1913 m. Andrew Brennan 1848 -1908, son Peter 
c. Betty b. 1839
d. Edward b. 1840
e. Michael b. 1842


Alexander McAdam married Mary Huchenson
i.... John Forester, b. 25 Feb. 1834
ii... Eliza Jane, b. 19 March 1836
iii.. Margaret, b. 16 March 1838
iv.. Margaret, b. 16 March 1838
v... Alexander, b. 22 Dec. 1839

Robert McAdam married Jane?, da. Anne, b. 17 Aug 1838
John McAdam married Margaret Cahilly, son, George Henry, b. 12 Feb. 1833
John McAdam married Elizabeth Andrew, son, John, b. 5 Dec. 1828
John McAdam married Margaret Magill or Magee, son, John, b. 26 Feb. 1830


Frank McAdam of Castleshane married Susan Conlan, Thomas, b. 29 Sept. 1865
James McAdams married Alice or Ann McMahon
i. Mary Ann, b. 6 June 1865 
ii. Ellen, b. 11 Oct. 1869

Patrick McAdam married Catherine McMahon, da. Mary Alice, b. 1 June 1864

Terence McAdam of Ballybay married Alice Cunningham, 
i. Terence b. 1 Oct. 1864
ii. Thomas b. 3 Nov. 1866

Francis McAdam marred Mary Brennan
i. Mary, b. 29 Dec. 1864 
ii. Francis, b. 25 Nov. 1866

Charles McAdams married Sarah Daly, son, George, 9 April 1866
Edward McAdams married Susan Lennan, daughter, Catherine 29 Jan. 1865
Bernard McAdams married Bridget Duffy, son, Edward, b. 26 Feb. 1865

John McAdam married Catherine Trainor son, Edward b. 14 Aug. 1866
James married Maria Trainor, sons, Francis, b. 10 July 1867, Joseph, b. 10 July 1867
Peter McAdam of Castleblayne married Sarah Oneil, da. Thersa b. 5 July 1867


Felix McAdam, carpet weaver, immigrated to NY April 1848 who had married
Mary Connoly, son of Arthur and Anna (Markey) McAdam, da. Anne and Bridget.


Daniel McCadam - b. 1864 of Newtown Butler married Mary McCaffrey
James McCadam b. 30 Oct. 1864  in Newtown Butler 

James McCadam of Newtown Butler married Bridget Conlon, children:
 i...Terrance b. 10 March 1864, 
ii.....James b. 27 Nov. 1866

James McCadam of Newtown Butler married Margaret Cosgrove, son James b. 24 June 1864
Terence McCadam married Margaret Herbert in Belturbet, Co. Caven, da. Eliza b. 14 March 1865
James McCadam of Newtown Butler married Catherine Monahan, son James b. 9 Dec. 1866
Francis McAdam of Newtown Butler married Anne McMahon, son, Francis b. 4 March 1866
John McAdam of Enniskillen married Sarah Martin, da. Sarah b. 9 Aug. 1865
James McAdam of Enniskillen married Mary Green, son Henry b. 13 June 1867

The parish records of St. Fingal Galoon Island indicate a Father Charles McAdam as Canon. Kevin's great grandparents wedding record in Eniskillen, County Fermanagh for 1880. They were John and Elizabeth McAdam (same last name). I have the fathers as Edward McAdam. Beyond that, there are no record other than verbal information received that Edward McAdam's father was an Owen McAdam. His paternal grandmother, Catherine Scollen, was a decendant of Patrick Scollen who emigrated to County Durham, England in 1840. His cousin, Brain Scollen, has compiled an extensive list of about 300 decendants on that side. Kevin T. Mc Adam<>


John Charles McAdam of Mullinahinch, Co. Monoghan, wife Susan, died in London 14 Oct. 1867.

Rev. James McAdam is listed on trials in Monoghan Presbyterian, a call from Lisburne, Ordained at Lisburne by Monaghan Presbyterian. - no dates.



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